Unity on the Bay

A positive path for spiritual living

Unity on the Bay is a diverse spiritual home that embraces and radiates unconditional love, acceptance, energy and healing.  At Unity, we believe that there is one power: God, the good, omnipotent, and that the awareness and connection with this power opens the manifest world to its highest and best good in every individual and the universe as a whole.  As this awareness becomes an intricate part of our lives, we begin to transform ourselves, our community and our world.


Date: Every Sunday
Time: 9:45am to 10:40am
Place: Unity on the Bay - Upper Room (see Campus Map)
Cost: $15.00 Suggest Love Offering
Pre-Registration: No
Important Note: None

A guided interactive discussion group for students of A Course in Miracles. Our group focuses on the Course’s function as a course in healing the mind. We focus on the purpose of the Course, and how to apply the Course in our lives.

A COURSE IN MIRACLES with Charles Wilkerson

Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Place: Unity on the Bay - Cameron House (see Campus Map)
Cost: $10.00 Suggest Love Offering
Pre-Registration: No
Important Note: None

A Course in Miracles (also referred to as ACIM or the Course) is a self-study “metaphysical thought system” curriculum. The ACIM’s forgiveness teaching’s unique and valuable as they are the road to inner peace and the remembrance of the unconditional love of God. Join us, as we meet weekly to discuss and assist each other in the healing of the mind.


Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 8:15pm to 9:30pm
Place: Unity on the Bay - Chapel (see Campus Map)
Cost: $10.00 Suggest Love Offering
Pre-Registration: No
Important Note: None

Todos los miércoles tendrás la oportunidad de vivir un encuentro profundo con tu verdadero ser. "Un Curso de Milagros" es una guía de entrenamiento mental que te entrega las herramientas para el despertar de tu mente. Tu Ser Interno guarda un mensaje perfecto para ti. Entrenando tu mente recordarás tu sabiduría eterna y abrirás las puertas del maravilloso mundo que te pertenece. 

Por medio de meditación, ejercicios y lecturas de "Un Curso de Milagros" podrás aprender a escuchar tu Voz Interna, y transformar tu vida a través del Espíritu de Dios. Hay un milagro y un regalo para ti detrás de cada situación. "Un Curso de Milagros" te invita a descubrirlo.

Libro Requerido: Un Curso de Milagros