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with Lillie Cintron

1st & 3rd Thursday of Every Month

7pm to 8:45pm

Unity on the Bay
411 NE 21 Street, Miami, FL 33137

Room: East Room (CLICK HERE for a campus map)

*Donations are collected during class (cash, check and credit/debit card accepted) and go to support the faciliator, and Unity on the Bay's Mission & Vision. We are grateful for your support. We understand the ebbs and flows of life so if you are experiencing a financial hardship, please give what you can afford. 


Come as you are and dance as you feel in sacred communion with the divine. Zen Dance is a mindful movement meditation that makes room for your individual expression while at the same time promoting a sense of community. 

Whether experienced or new to conscious dance, you will find what your soul has been yearning for: a sacred space for free-form movement where there are no rules, no conversations, no steps to learn and no need for dancing skills or experience. 

Through the dance, you find yourself in your own way and at your own pace, while having a great time. We pray, we let go, we surrender, and we soar. We go deep through inner exploration and follow our soul’s rhythm as we all move as ONE. 


This is a judgment-free space to be yourself, as you follow your inner guidance. No steps to learn. It is loosely guided through a mindful meditation that allows for comfort, connection and creativity. From there, self-expression is encouraged. Once we begin, the doors are locked to honor the sacred space and there will be no conversations on the dance floor. 

Please arrive on time to register, get centered, relaxed and ready. Wear comfortable clothing and don't forget to bring your water bottle. This is an alcohol, drug and smoke free space. Also, a networking-free zone. 


Lillie Cintron Unity on the Bay Zen Dance

Lillie is the creator of Dances of Spirit™a life revamping program that helps people change and rebuild their lives while supporting them through their spiritual growth. 

She specializes on restructuring, simplifying and organizing business processes and personal lives. She is also the accountant at Unity on the Bay.

A dancer since age 3, and a choreographer since her teens, she strongly believes in the healing power of movement and dance. Her personal spiritual quest led her to rediscover her passion for dance as a healing modality to process life transitions. This longing moved her to research and study dance healing modalities around the world and based on her own healing experience, she created a unique venue for people to liberate their spirits through introspective movement while providing them the guidance needed to process their changes, new beginnings, endings and challenges. 

In August 2011 she launched Dances of Spirit™and she pioneered the spiritual dance movement in St. Petersburg, FL with this groundbreaking program that combines her expertise in life management with experiential workshops, intuitive counseling and dance healing. People learn to undergo their life altering changes as a spiritual process that heals their relationship with Spirit and improves the quality of their lives. She has witnessed so many lives transformed, always being aware that she’s the facilitator while the Presence of Spirit does the work. 

Her services inspire, empower and guide people, bringing them balance, order and peace of mind to smoothly navigate life while unleashing their most powerful self. Lives become aligned with their divine purpose and flow easily just like a dance…hence, the name Dances of Spirit™.