Council Chair: Dannette Tucen

Staff Contact: Raul Hernandez

There are many ways to share in your God-Like talents and serve our youngest congregants in Family Ministry, from presenting spiritual lessons as a Lead Facilitator to one of our various age groups, to providing support to our Leaders. You may collaborate your thoughts and ideas with like-minded members! If you are willing to serve and find inspiring children important, we have a place to serve just for you!

We need leaders like you to be a part of our Family Ministry! Openings are available for Wednesdays Om Hour Service 7-8 PM (Arts & Crafts) and Sunday Services (9 AM & 11 AM). Sunday Services require a twice a month commitment for a minimum of 6 months.


Purpose Statement

As a cohesive team, we wish to raise a child's spiritual awareness, understanding of their innate worth and interconnectedness with our world.


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