Unity on the Bay

A positive path for spiritual living

Unity on the Bay is a diverse spiritual home that embraces and radiates unconditional love, acceptance, energy and healing.  At Unity, we believe that there is one power: God, the good, omnipotent, and that the awareness and connection with this power opens the manifest world to its highest and best good in every individual and the universe as a whole.  As this awareness becomes an intricate part of our lives, we begin to transform ourselves, our community and our world.

with Cheri Shanti Lunn

Date: Saturday, July 11
Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Place: Unity on the Bay - Cameron House (see Campus Map)
Suggested Spiritual Investment: $45 (Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted in class)
Pre-Registration: Yes (click the "Register for this Class" button below and complete the form)
Important Note: 

For thousands of years, women have come together to pray, play, nurture, share and heal each other in unique and transformative ways.  When women are allowed to be fully expressed, and empowered to be their most authentic, natural selves, they embody the elements of the wild: free, powerful and naturally beautiful.  Wise women claim this as their birthright and know how to use the energies of the divine and earth plane to create, inspire and manifest lives of passion, purpose and possibility. 

In this three hour session, we will embark on a journey of the Wild and Wise inside thru journaling, drumming, movement and sound.  You will be invited to bring forth all of who you are to share, witness and be witnessed and co-create a healing container for all of the women in the circle.  When we come together in this way, we become as one and connect to our higher purpose of serving each other thru reflection, and nurturance.

Cheri Shanti Lunn

Author, Speaker and Expressive Arts Therapist, Cheri Shanti has been creating transformational experiences for women's communities around the world thru a combination of expressive arts modalities & practical spiritual living skills for over 15 years.  Cheri holds a Masters in Conflict Transformation thru Expressive Arts Therapies, and has been using the drum as a tool for personal transformation and community building since 1996. Her passion is to inspire individuals to be fully expressed and empowered to live the lives of their dreams. Learn more about Cheri at http://www.wild-and-wise.com