Why Were You Born? Workshop
with Gita Hirjee

Saturday, September 22, 2018
10am to 12:30pm (2.5 hours)

411 NE 21 Street, Miami, FL 33137 (East Room)
Cost: $40 online / $50 at door

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Have you ever wondered why you are on the planet and why it is that you are in a body / human form? And exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing here? Does human life have a purpose? Why do I get to witness some of the most amazing and beautiful things that life has to offer and yet also see so much pain and negativity? Why do I even have to endure any experience of pain at all? Why do some have so much whilst others don’t have at all?

These are deep and profound questions that we have all certainly asked ourselves at least once in our lives. Understanding how the universe works will shift your perspective and help you fully appreciate why YOU WERE BORN. Knowing how you are the creator of your own reality and the role that your soul plays will offer you a broader perspective and a greater sense of freedom.

Yield a faster transformation in your life by connecting with your authentic-self. Gita would love to answer these questions for you and help you make sense of this all.

Join her as she sheds light on the meaning of life and the law of attraction and the role it plays in our journey. Get answers in this very clear and easy to understand interactive workshop about why we are all here.


Attending this workshop will help you attain peace of mind and gain a sense of direction. Learn how to communicate with your Higher Self becoming a deliberate and powerful creator of your own life. Come to clarity about the purpose of birth and find freedom through understanding the broader perspective. Experience a shift and transformation in your life. Leave feeling motivated, inspired and better equipped to navigate life’s little challenges.



Gita is a Transformational Guide and Holistic Healer, guiding people to live their lives with more peace, purpose, and prosperity. She lived the first half of her life in South Africa and the second half in Miami USA. She started her spiritual journey being raised in a disciplined, conservative Indian home where rituals and meditation already part of her Beingness. Later through deepening yoga practice, spirituality really piqued her interest and she started to delve deeper. She used herself and her life challenges as an experiment to investigate and question life. She studied under some of the great masters and leaders to learn some of the deepest techniques and modalities available. This is where she discovered her gift of intuitive readings, channeling and my clairaudience. her deep-seated journey further led her to understand her strengths of teaching, and healing and guiding others towards living their best life. This opened the doors to a career as a Holistic Healer.

Her passion is to empower others by sharing her knowledge. To help guide them along their journey; to transform lives by bridging the gap of information. She strongly believes that when she empowers someone and that individual changes through a shift of energy, then that individual’s family unit also changes. Then their community changes; society changes and the nation changes – the ripple effect of my attempt of changing the world one person at a time.