with Dr. Kirby Hotchner

Date: Saturday, June 6
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Place: Unity on the Bay - Sanctuary (see Campus Map)
Suggested Spiritual Investment: $50 (Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted in class)
Pre-Registration: Yes (click the "Register for this Class" button below and complete the form)
Important Note: 

The Main Purpose of this workshop is to empower people to be able to understand what is healing is and how to do it for themselves and others. Specific objectives are to understand the critical importance of healing of the mind and learn how to do that, learn how to pray, and learn how to meditate. We will discuss how to establish a life style routine conducive to healing. We will also discuss diet, supplements, exercise, cleansing, sleep, sunshine, water, first aid, prescribing and other self-help healing principles Dr. Hotchner has found effective over his 35 years of practicing medicine.

Dr. Kirby Hotchner, is a long time member of Unity on the Bay and has been offering his gift of healing here for many years. Dr Kirby Hotchner has been practicing Wholistic medicine for 34 years . He is an ordained minister and combines spiritual healing, energetic healing with many physical healing modalities with an emphasis on educating the patient on how to heal themselves. He resides in Miami with his wife Cynthia of 25 years and has 2 children.