Unity on the Bay

A positive path for spiritual living

Unity on the Bay is a diverse spiritual home that embraces and radiates unconditional love, acceptance, energy and healing.  At Unity, we believe that there is one power: God, the good, omnipotent, and that the awareness and connection with this power opens the manifest world to its highest and best good in every individual and the universe as a whole.  As this awareness becomes an intricate part of our lives, we begin to transform ourselves, our community and our world.

A note on and for our White Glove Team

It is with deep gratitude that we continuously give thanks for our service teams that are ready and willing to go the extra mile to support our community. Our newest team is the White Glove Event Team headed by Alina de la Paz, Events and Programming Coordinator at Unity on the Bay. 

Our sacred servers sparkled their way through a delicious evening of healing with Panache Desai on Saturday April 9th. The VIP set up crew began their work a week before the event. Some of these individuals included Marla Warrington (Sponsorships, Reception coordinator), Raphael Girladez (floral design, bar), Andreea Del Mar (gratitude gifts, administration, food), Terri LaCalle (VIP greeting and food), Brandon Torres (VIP set up and clean up), Daniel Canavan (VIP design, set up and clean up), Lulu Hart (VIP design, grounds, set up and clean up), Luz Insaulgarat (VIP flowers, set up, clean up and support), Abel Sanchez (VIP set up, flowers and bar) Kevin O'Brien (VIP check in), Gabriela Betancourt (VIP check in) Achilles Ballestas (VIP greeting and support), Cheri Shanti Lunn (VIP live music), Derek Kearny (event photography) and our wonderful maintenance staff who supported us in transforming our space into a magical location. Wea are blessed!

Our Event Ushers lead by Alina Ballestas and Carlos Diaz were prepared to train,  manage and execute all aspects will call, on site ticketing, seating, and participant flow during hands on activity with Panache Desai also during the book signing.  I celebrate each individual that placed their love, intention and self into this event. It is because of you that all things are possible. If your name was not mentioned here, please know that deep gratitude is extended to all of our event sacred servers. We give thanks for you!

If you have a special event skill or expertise to share and would like to tithe you talent to be part of the White Glove Event Team please email alina@unityonthebay.org

Finally, we hope to see you all at The Don Miguel Ruiz event on may 6th! It will be spectacular.

To see pictures of the event, click here.