Wellness Affiliates*

We understand that sometimes you need more than just a class or workshop when moving through your life experience. Certain situations call for one-on-one conversations and advice that requires individual attention. Unity on the Bay has put together the following list of individuals that we recommend if you are looking for a Life Coach, Healer, or seasoned Spiritual Teacher. They each come with their own unique talents, backgrounds, and fee schedule. You can contact them directly to get more information using the buttons below. Check back as our list continues to grow.

*Please note Unity on the Bay is not responsible or liable for any advise, coaching, or guidance that you receive from the following individuals. All agreements, payments, and/or contracts made between you and the following individuals is solely your responsibility. Unity on the Bay has no involvement other than recommending the following individuals. Thank you.

Life Coach

Transformational coaching:  If you've invested the time to learn techniques to transform the way you lead, communicate and grow in your life yet you feel anxious, lack the execution to make it a reality, then join me in living and daring greatly to make your vision a reality.

Healing After Heartbreak:  Reclaim your love power! You are worthy of being loved and loving openly again. We'll identify where you envision yourself in relationships and discuss such topics as what decisions have held you back and what new decisions are necessary to implement what you so lovingly desire!

Business coaching:  Let’s see through to your mind's eye and create a roadmap of your vision and mission to uncover the obstacle that may be holding you back from harmonizing work and life. The ultimate goal of this form of coaching is to see your vision and mission through.
with an outside perspective of what may be blocking you from the outcome you desire. 

Relationship Check (3-part coaching process): Get a temperature check, a full unbiased assessment of your relationship, know what your individual and couple strengths and weaknesses are, and what they could be with a full report and briefing.


2007 - Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance from Florida International University (2007)
2008 - Landmark Forum Graduate
2009 - Landmark Excellence in the Zone
2010 - VP of Education Toastmasters
2012 - Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Graduate and Fire-walker
2015 - Certified Body Language/Non-verbal communication Coach/Trainer via Science of People
2015 - Participant in Robbin-Madanes Strategic Intervention Training
2016 - Completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
2016 - Verified member Gottman Relationship Checkup
2017 - Two-time Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Graduate and Fire-walker

Virginia is like a breath of fresh air mixed with deep wisdom and understanding. My coaching sessions with her were extremely helpful as I was feeling pretty stuck and needed support to move some blocks, creatively as well as in relationships. She has an amazing ability to help you think outside the box of your own limitations and get clear about what you truly want. I recommend her to anyone who needs a boost in their life and needs some support to get back on track with their goals. Thank you so much Virginia!
— Christina Pearce
Whenever I see other presenters, I try to watch the room to see who’s doing what, who’s following, nodding, etc. It was nice to see them smiling when you smiled (which is nearly all the time), following you, nodding when you did, etc. They definitely were engaged which is not always easy for a group of instructors. I commented later to our program director that I wish you taught for us! I also received very positive feedback from a few of the attendees saying they were already applying your techniques in their own classes. Thank you again.”
— John Greer Founder of Gold Coast Schools - 2016