with Garland Landrith

Date: Thursday, February 18
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Place: Unity on the Bay - Sanctuary (see Campus Map)
Suggested Love Offering: $35
Important Note:  None.

Dr. Garland Landrith Quantum Psychologist/Healer, from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? is returning to Unity on the Bay to give a talk entitled We Can Create Miracles!  Quantum Physics has found the fundamental force behind the creation of this Universe is consciousness itself. We also have that same force within us and Dr Landrith's research proves that our individual consciousness is the same as the Quantum... so we can also create new realities by changing our inner world. 

Garland Landrith

Dr. Landrith is a cutting-edge Quantum Psychologist/healer whose research was cited in What the Bleep.  As a child and throughout his life Dr. Landrith had dreams that manifested in his waking life. He traveled to India and China and during this time he had a near-death experience. As a result of this he decided to study the mind as a way to demonstrate to the world that we can indeed create miracles with our thoughts. Dr. Landrith was among the first to scientifically prove that what we think inside can help improve the outside world.

In his pioneering published research studies, Dr. Landrith found that what groups of individuals think (group meditation) could actually improve the quality of life in the city they live in, by lowering crimes, auto accidents, and suicides.

Dr. Landrith has authored a series of scientific studies that have been published in numerous mainstream peer-reviewed scientific journals, including: International Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Crime and Justice, and The Journal of Mind and Behavior. In addition, his research has been cited by numerous authors including Deepak Chopra, MD., Neale Donald Walsh, and Dr. Dean Radin. He has lectured and taught seminars all over the United States and to date he has taught over 20,000  Unity Congregants techniques that will enable them to manifest the life of their dreams.

He has been featured on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast AMwith Art Bell (who co-authored the book The Coming Global Superstorm upon which the movie The Day After Tomorrow is based), Unity FM with Mindy Audlin, and X Zone Radio and TV with Rob McConnell. He does phone consultations all over the world to help his clients live their dreams.  These tapping techniques have been featured on programs such as ABC's The View and also on The Learning Channel's I Can Make You Thin.