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We have over 175 people signed up for this program and the stories of abundance are overflowing.


Our program begins on Sunday, April 28th and continues until Sunday, July 28th.

How does the Unexpected Income Program work?


This 3 month program is a foundation for putting key prosperity practices to work in your life NOW with the support of your spiritual community. Those practices are: focused prayer and affirmation; opening to the inflow of your good (seeing it already at work in your life); and tithing, the most powerful act of faith in God’s abundance and the surest way ever found to demonstrate plenty.

What to expect...
Enrollment in the Program is the first step toward increased prosperity. You will increase your income through unexpected sources. Once you have mastered the law of increase for money, you can apply the principles to all areas of your life, and truly claim your God-given abundance.

You will receive support...
Upon receiving your enrollment, we will pray daily to know that you are being lifted up in consciousness to a new level of awareness. We will also invite to join 2 weekly prayer calls led by our ministers.


  1. Decide to participate and commit to the Unexpected Income Program, by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

  2. Pray the Unexpected Income Prayer (below) in the morning & night, and set the law in motion for your increased good. Join us on our Tuesday and Thursday morning prayer calls as much as possible. You will receive the call in information once you sign up. Through Affirmative Prayer, we open to the flow of God's abundance, and unlock our own potential for prosperity.

  3. Receive that which you have created in consciousness and feel the energy of abundance.

  4. Give back to the Source of your good by tithing (10%) from Unexpected Income. When giving, simply write “Unexpected Income” in your tithing envelope or check. If you are giving online or through text, choose the “Unexpected Income” fund field.


    I am open and receptive to unexpected income!

Unexpected Income Prayer
From the windows of heaven, God’s abundant, loving supply pours into my life from expected and unexpected resources. My days are overflowing with blessings and my success is assured. I walk in peace and prosperity as the spirit of God loves me, guides me, and prospers me. Thank you God! Amen.