with Kareen "Suravi" Besson

Every Monday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm (starting Monday, March 26)

Location: Unity on the Bay (411 NE 21 Street, Miami, FL 33137)
Room: The Loft

Cost: $10 per person. We gratefully accept donations during this class. Your donations go to support Unity on the Bay's Mission & Vision. 

Registration: There is no pre-registration. Please just show up with an open mind. Bring a cushion if you want.

Buddhist meditations include 84,000 varieties. These include the foundational traditions, and the Mahāyāna sūtra traditions. All of the varieties teach different meditation techniques, but one is going to help you recover your joy!. In this specific meditation practice, students of meditation are encouraged to enjoy different kinds of meditations to discover their own meditation.


  • develop meditation understanding, focus and experience
  • gain glimpses of realization that prepare you for other practices
  • spend time understanding the mind and how it works
  • peace and tranquality in everyday life
  • calmness / less anxiety


Kareen Besson

Kareen Besson (CoachKareen) is a Zen Buddhist meditator; a Sannyasin (Jivan Suravi) Master Meditation Leader; a Spiritual Support Facilitator; and Prayer Chaplain. Master degrees in Group Dynamics and Organizational Development. Certified Pranic Healer, Johrei practitioner and Deeksha Giver (Oneness Blessing). Certified Ontological Personal and Recovery Coach.  Unity Leadership student. Universal Life Church Ordained Minister.