I love this place. It is truly a wonderful spiritual experience to be here. There is love and positive energy everywhere. The people who attend are trying to grow spiritually and are a joy to be around. The music ministry is nothing short of sensational. The message is always inspiring and useful. I always feel better when I leave than when I arrived and I am a positive person that comes in feeling grateful and joyful.
— Donald Raux
I love my church & all the beautiful people who make it such a special place!
— Ileana Martin Farinas
Unity on the Bay is my favorite place to be, I love it here and when I moved out of state, I missed it terribly. I’m back. I am moving near West Palm Beach but we will still be making the drive to UOB!!
— Salima Kim NDulu
The best place in the world. This is where growth and awakening takes place. If you’re seeking, make a quick stop here and find you’ll stay forever. Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God.
— Cary Garbey
Truely inspirational. Its like coming home to family where your always welcomed and greeted by a wonderful,beautiful and loving community all sharing The same core principals.
— Lorena McGraw
There is NO place like Unity. It’s powerful and positive messages every Sunday leave me feeling uplifted and the energy level there is amazing.
— Lucille G. Acocella
Amazing place to improve your life and live from the inside out.
— Mileyka Burgos
The energy is so uplifting and loving all of the time.
— Laurie Laidlaw McIntosh
This Sunday was my first time attending UOTB and I absolutely loved it. Nothing like feeling connected with a group of people who have the same ultimate goal!!! It really felt like HOME :-)
— Nicole Marc-Campbell