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Aaron Moore

I have been a member of Unity on the Bay since 1990 and have served in many capacities over the years including Board Member, Spiritual Support Facilitator, Family Ministry Facilitator and Choir Member.  Out in the community at large I have also served as a facilitator at Dade County Juvenile Justice and have been a member of several choirs.

I have a B.A. in Psychology as well as additional specialized training and have worked in the mental health field for many years. In addition, I am an ordained Interfaith Inter-spiritual Minister and am on track to becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher very soon. I am also a Prayer Chaplain at Unity on the Bay. 

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Helen Viviand

I am a 72-year old, born in Miami but grew up in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. I returned to Miami at the age of 18 and attended Barry University, graduating with a degree in Sociology. I have worked for the State in several capacities related to social work and social services, and have also worked with Miami-Dade County Schools, where I was the director of a program focusing on helping employees with marital problems, mental health issues, or addiction and health issues.  

In addition, I hold a Master’s Degree in Family Therapy and, although I have retired, I remain active in the community. In 1998 I began attending Unity and later served as a Board member and on other service teams.  I am happily married to my wife and longtime partner of 32 years and I love Unity and helping others.

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Claudia Forero

I have more than 20 years of experience working on social and community minded projects aimed at supporting those in need. By identifying the needs of poor communities and designing or working on projects that empower the elderly, women and immigrants, I have helped people to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their families. I have been a volunteer at the Silvester Cancer Center and I am currently working at the Department of Children and Families, DCF.

Along with my Degree in Human Resources and a Masters in Political Science, I have undergone specialized pastoral care training and am a Prayer Chaplain at Unity on the Bay as well as a certified Life Coach from Coach Federation CCF. 

I am here to inspire others to get their own answers, access their true dreams and overcome anything that gets in the way of making those dreams a reality.

Tengo mas de 20 años de experiencia trabajando en proyectos sociales y comunitarios. He trabajado como voluntaria en el Silvestre Cáncer Center y actualmente trabajo con el Departamento de Niños y Familias. 

Posee un titulo en Recursos Humanos y una Maestría en Política Social. Soy una certificada Life Coach por la Federación de Coaches Certificados CCF.

Llevo vinculada a Unity on the Bay hace 10 años. La considero mi casa espiritual que me ha fortalecido a ayudar a servir a otros,  inspirándolos a encontrar sus propias respuestas, a perseguir su sueños y a superar cualquier cosa que intervenga en hacer esos sueños realidad. 

In addition to the below, Rev. Chris Jackson and Rev. Juan del Hierro are available for Spiritual Support Sessions.