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Congregational Care: Creating a Sacred Space for Healing

Congregational Care is the ministry of care and support provided by our Spiritual Support Team, which includes our Ministers, to members of our spiritual community. Congregational Care in this sense includes listening, supporting and encouraging those in need. The Unity on the Bay Congregational Care Program consists of spiritual support and hospital visitation.

Spiritual Support Program


The purpose of a Spiritual Support Session is to assist you in finding God in the midst of life events and prayerfully support you during periods of adjustments to life experiences. The Spiritual Support service offers congregants compassionate care, support and encouragement by trained facilitators. Facilitators assist individuals, through prayer and empathic listening, in developing a growing understanding and appreciation for the presence, comfort, and guidance of God. It is designed to inspire and awaken you to the possibilities of spiritual growth in the midst of life changes.

Spiritual support facilitators are committed to their own spiritual growth and daily spiritual practice as the basis for their ability to create a sacred space where healing can happen. They serve as catalysts of transformation by providing compassionate listening, reflective inquiry, and comforting support to others in order to help them discover their own inner divine guidance, abilities, strengths and potential.

We offer individual spiritual support services for the following:

-    Coping with stress, anxiety or depression. 
-    Receiving comfort and support in times of grief and loss. 
-    Exploring new directions in life. 
-    Managing relationship difficulties. 
-    Adjusting to changes in health. 
-    Adjusting to life transitions. 
-    Finding meaning, purpose and fulfillment. 
-    Developing self-esteem. 
-    Questioning sexual identity. 
-    Addressing family concerns. 
-    Issues related to addiction and/or eating disorders. 
-    Transforming experiences of childhood abuse and trauma. 
-    Supporting caregivers of people who are ill, aging or dying.


The Spiritual Support Facilitator holds the confidence of each session as sacred. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone, except where the Facilitator is legally bound to report specific events.

Unity on the Bay’s Spiritual Support Program offers congregants up to three (3) individual spiritual support sessions within one year. All sessions take place at Unity on the Bay and last approximately one (1) hour.

An offering will be accepted for all our services, a minimum of $50 per session is suggested, but you have the opportunity to give as much you wish. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay.

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You can request a Spiritual Support Session by pressing the button below or by calling 305-573-9191 Ext. 1010.