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What are spiritGroups?

SpiritGroups are a gathering of about 4-10 people that will meet once a week for 7-weeks to consciously deepen your awareness of your own courage and strength, while creating friendships and bonds that can last a lifetime. There will be groups throughout South Florida meeting on different days. The SpiritGroups program happens 3 times every year: Winter, Spring and Fall. The series changes but groups at their core will always focus on 5 Disciplines; communion, connection, compassion, community and challenge (read more about this below).

what is the 2019 Spring SpiritGroups Program?

Are you able to bring mindfulness and stillness to your everyday moments? Wherever you are in your practice of mindful living and meditation—from a beginner struggling to remain centered with a wandering mind, to someone who has been practicing meditation for a long time—this series will expand and strengthen your practice. Rev. Paulette Pipe, Director of Touching the Stillness Ministries, demonstrates how you can cultivate your inner stillness.

Discover and experiment with a wide variety of practices designed to take you out of your head, and into your heart. Find a rich stillness in the present moment. Allow this centeredness to become a conduit for experiencing a deeper connection with the Divine within you. Nurture your well-being in mind, body and soul by learning to touch the stillness throughout your day.

This series will provide practical meditation and mindfulness tips and tools to calm and center a chattering and roving mind, and increase your inner stillness. Enjoy living a more mindful and balanced life.

How do SpiritGroups Work?

The SpiritGroup Program has 3 main phases. We are currently in PHASE 1.

PHASE 1: April 21 through and including May 5: Host Recruitment. Two opportunities for training will be provided.
PHASE 2: May 12 through and including May 26: Individuals find their Preferred Group
PHASE 3: May 26 through and including July 7: SpiritGroups meet


what is a Host?

A host is someone willing to host a group, whether in their home or another location they find that is available. As a host, you will receive a 2-hour training session at Unity on the Bay to feel comfortable and be prepared to support your group.

The 5 SpiritGroup Disciplines

Communion - focuses on spiritual practices which heighten your awareness of your sacred calling and your personal relationship with a higher power.

Connection - involves connecting with others who are on a similar path and developing friendships with people who uplift and support you as you learn and grown together.

Compassion - empowers you to bless others in their times of need. It challenges you to be a light in the world and to purposefully seek ways to share your spiritual gifts with the people in your life.

Community - demonstrates your understanding of spiritual principles at work in the world beyond the walls of your spiritual home, and to express your beliefs through service, even when confronted with opposing viewpoints, allowing you to expand what you know to be true and dares you to live with spiritual authenticity.

Challenge - reveals your willingness to stretch and grow through ongoing study and contemplation while consistently and proactively expanding our understanding of spiritual principles.