Singles Group

Conscious Connections for Singles
Friday, September 21st 7:00 - 10:00 pm
Cameron House

The only way for us to be truly conscious and connected with another is to first be conscious and connected to ourselves. In this evening of safe and sacred intimacy with self and others, we will begin with a meditation to open our hearts to true connection. We will gently and gracefully open fully to ourselves then take a heart-centered look at what keeps us from healthy, happy, peaceful, harmonious connections to others. We will join hands and hearts with our Unity brothers and sisters. We will gaze into one another's eyes and offer gifts of divinity, vulnerability, transparency, forgiveness and pure unconditional love.


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Chris del Vesco, Group Coordinator

It is time for the Singles of Unity to come together in fellowship, fun, community service and in the deep work of learning to more deeply embody love. We will schedule regular activities, outings, book clubs, service opportunities and even some family fun for the single parents. Please join us as we make 2018 our best year yet searching not for love, but for the blocks inside of ourselves to love, not to find love, but to become love.