with Gino Walker

Date: Sunday, May 10
Time: 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Place: Unity on the Bay - Cameron House (see Campus Map)
Suggested Spiritual Investment: $35.00 (Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted in class)
Pre-Registration: Yes (click the "Register for this Class" button below and complete the form)
Important Note: 

We are vibrational beings here to expand Life as we Know It. 
Opening our minds to our Natural State of Being “Joy” 
Shifting your awareness to change your Living Experience’s 
By accepting your Greatness and Living It NOW. 

In this workshop we will experience:

1. Our Heart Space with Song, Prayer & Silent Meditation 
2. Awareness when we become aware of what we are doing it is from that point that we can then being to create change
3. Share one of the stories that thwart your progress from living the life you choose 
4. Purge and letting go of the old
5. Write a new script

Gino Walker

Gino began her journey and love of God as a young girl. Attending Catholic school she questioned the bible, the teachings and the principles. This journey would take her through many different religious practices and learning. Always with the thirst for more and eager to know GOD in every possible way. Gino found The Agape International Center of Truth where she was inspired to free her mind and soul. Anchored in the teachings of Ernest Homes, Charles & Myrtle Fillmore; Emmet Fox; Joel Goldsmith, Abraham and Michael Bernard Beckwith. Her ministry has expanded from singing to speaking and now workshop facilitator “releasing old thought patterns”; hired as the guest Inspirational Speaker at Unity of Ventura. This was the first of many, wonderful spiritual communities in Unity and Center for Spiritual Living Churches which have said “Gino you are a Transformer of Love & Energy, a Power House of Inspiration through your songs & words”. I AM a living God.