It's simple!

Keep up to date with your financial giving to Unity on the Bay by connecting yourself to your profile in our database system. By login in through our on-line portal, you will be able to make changes to your contact information as well as get up to date giving statements.

All information is kept confidential. No credit card or bank account information is linked to your secure profile.

Simply click below and you will be asked to enter your e-mail and first and last name. Once you are found within our system, you will be allowed to create a password and connect to your profile.

If the email and name(s) we have in our system for you do not match your entry, you will be directed to contact us to create your profile.

After you create your login, you can save the link to the system or you may connect to it through our website under the "More" button on our directory.

If you have any questions, contact, Assistant Minister.