Unity on the Bay is a community that believes in and practices the art of tithing.

Tithing is a proven practice for expanding abundance consciousness and establishing peace of mind, harmonious relationships, fulfilling work and financial well-being. It involves a conscious intention to put God first in every arena of your life. 

Tithing is not a requirement of participation in our community, but we strongly encourage it. Becoming a generous giver of one’s time, talent and treasure is foundational to spiritual awakening and development. It will ensure that you receive the full measure of blessing that is available to you in your journey of spiritual awakening.

Every month, before our tithing checks are sent out, our Board of Trustees blesses them at their monthly meeting and we then bless them as a spiritual community the proceeding Sunday. Please note that what is published online may appear to be one month behind due to the scheduling of the tithe checks. In mid-October, we would publish the tithes from September for example as our tithes are calculated after our financial month is closed.

November 2018 Tithes:
Unity Worldwide Ministries $1,601.63
Unity Village $1,601.63
Southeast Unity Region $565.28
Gold Treasure Coast Unity Sub-region $471.01
Community Outreach $1,500.00
Feeding People in Transition $1,333.64

Total $6,602.12

*The international Unity movement is sustained largely by the tithes of the spiritual communities that are a part of it.. Your generous giving to Unity on the Bay allows us to help fund several Unity organizations that support ministers, provide resources to our ministry and allow our movement to expand and grow.