What does it mean to be spiritual?

What does it mean to be spiritual?  It means to be who you are.  In order to be who you are, you have to know who you are.  This is where the journey of spiritual awakening begins – discovering the truth of your identity.

Most of us have assumed a false identity.  From our earliest recollection, we were given ideas about ourselves from others and we took them as truth.  At the core of many of these ideas was the assumption that there was something inherently and deeply wrong with us.  We were told that we were incomplete, incompetent, insufficient, unable, undeserving, unworthy and generally miserable.  From the standpoint of our spiritual nature, none of this is true.  Yet we were given these labels nonetheless, and we believed them.  Because the ideas that we believe in make up our experience of life, our lives -- for the most part -- have been challenging.

Our spiritual identity contradicts all of these labels by affirming that we are divine elegance and exquisite in nature.  We are whole and complete just as we are – peaceful, loving, joyous and abundant. 

Our lives become experiences, then, in recognizing what ideas we are holding about ourselves and ensuring that those ideas are in alignment with spiritual reality.  We recognize when we are holding onto false labels and we are willing to exchange them for spiritual truth.

As we align our identity with spiritual reality, our life experience begins to reflect that reality.

Regardless of our human experience, nothing can negate the divine perfection in which we were created.  Simply because we believed false ideas about ourselves does not mean that those ideas are true or that they have lasting influence.

You cannot not be spiritual – regardless of what you believe about yourself.  The very grace of God ensures your identity into eternity, and the expression of our spiritual brilliance is an inevitable, ultimate outcome.

Rev. Chris Jackson
Senior Minister
Unity on the Bay