"Crutches" written by Rev. Juan del Hierro, Associate Minister, Unity on the Bay

Rev. Juan del Hierro

A few Saturdays ago I had a small accident at the gym. After a quick trip to the urgent care clinic, I emerged on crutches and a fracture on my foot. As I drove back from the clinic, I began to think about the crutches I would be using for the next 7-8 weeks. Here were tools for me to get by, helping sustain me and lifting me up when my own feet could not. And yet, in about two months, they would no longer serve me and would actually hold me back, not allowing me to use my own two feet to move through my path with ease.

A few weeks back, for Earth Day Sunday, part of my talk included how we could use the processes of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle within our own lives. Recycling was about letting go of that which had at one point served us but no longer did.

We all have crutches. Without judgment and guilt, we can look at what we created for ourselves to serve us in a moment of need or a challenge, but that is now keeping us from experiencing our highest good.  

So how do you know when a tool has become a crutch?

First and foremost, we go into the Silence. Think of what your prayer work could be around this. Seek the Guidance of Spirit in showing you what it is that you must release. One of my favorite affirmations to use when moving into the Silence for guidance is “Reveal what must be revealed, heal what must be healed.” Sit with it. Ask your higher power “What is now holding me back?”

What comes up for you may or may not surprise you.

Remember to release judgments of yourself as things are revealed. Even the deepest fears may have shown up as a tool for survival – whether physically or emotionally – at some point in your life.

If you experience guilt, shame or confusion, you may want to take out a piece of paper and journal with these two questions in mind:

  • How did this bless me at some point in my life?
  • How is this now holding me back from living my best life?

I hope you take this opportunity. With just a moment of clarity, that which needs to be revealed can show up for us to begin the process of healing.

During my next blog, we will explore the ways in which we can let go of the crutches and begin to flow within our lives with more ease and joy.

PS. This process also reminded me of a wonderful experience I had in 2014. I was invited by Eric Page, at the time Director of the Unity Archives, to write a blurb on an artifact they found at Unity Village that year. It was a set of wooden crutches. Check out the picture and short blurb titled “Walking on Divine Feet” by clicking here (