The Will of God by Rev. Chris Jackson

Lately, in my times of contemplation, I’ve been guided to reflect on the will of God. 

During the past several years I have been realizing more and more just how limited my own perception really is.  My conditioned mind is very quick to diagnose and judge people and situations in my life.  It also likes to prescribe courses of action which usually involve changing or “improving” life situations and individuals so that they are a better match for what I determine is needed, or what “ought” to be. 

I am learning more every day that there is a higher order at work in all of life.  Through each one of my activities and associations, this order is at work to support me and everyone else involved.  It sees beyond my personal analysis of how things need to be.  Its perfection is not obscured by my personal desires and preferences. 

For me, this is the will of God.  As my trust in this higher order increases, I learn to look beyond the way things seem to be – Jesus called this not judging by appearances.  I think that is because he knew that things are never as they seem.  There are universal forces – the same forces that orchestrate an entire cosmos, that are in motion in my life. 

I may not always like the apparent disappointments or misfortunes I encounter in life, but I have experienced enough of them to know that they always bring me a gift – and typically it’s not a gift that I knew I needed or that I particularly wanted.  It is always, however, a gift that expanded my awareness, made me more aware of love in my life, or allowed me to appreciate something or someone I was taking for granted.

More than seeking to accomplish my personal expectations in life, I want to be present to support the will of God – the higher order of life.  Personally, I believe it has my best interests at heart and wants to extend greater love into my experience.

More and more I want to support the will of God and to see it at work in my own life, the lives of those I love, and throughout the collective experience of the family of humanity.  Maybe you would like to join me?

Written by Rev. Chris Jackson
Senior Minister, Unity on the Bay