Meet our newest Licensed Unity Teachers, Sandra Tagle & Alina de la Paz

Sandra Tagle, left, Alina de la Paz, right. 

Sandra Tagle, left, Alina de la Paz, right. 

The journey to becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher (we call them LUTs), is a long one with over 2 years of classes and several trips to Unity Village in Kansas City, Missouri. It requires dedication, discipline, and faith, characteristics that both Alina and Sandra exhibited during this fulfilling journey. 

Sandra first visited Unity on the Bay for an event in the middle of 2009. Her friend invited her. When Rev. Chris Jackson started the event with a prayer she was impressed. She says the way he did the prayer was completely different for her. She felt the need to be involved in Unity because just being in this community made her feel so good.

She went on to volunteer in a multitude of ways, including serving on the Board of Trustees for 3 years and 2 years as the leader of the Spanish Member Driven Ministry. In her personal life she is committed to being a model of living spiritual principles by studying many different paths and modalities which led her to practice Reflexology. 

Alina was born in Matanzas, Cuba, and immigrated to the United States at age 2 with her family. She spent her youth and college years in Chicago, Illinois graduating from the University of Illinois with a B.A. in Spanish and Liberal Arts, and a B.S and M.S in Speech and Hearing Sciences. She is a Speech/Language Pathologist, Coach, Tutor and Registered Yoga Instructor. Alina has two adult children.

Alina has been attending Unity on the Bay for a very long time, moved by the message and teachings and vigilant about practicing the principles in her own life. Like Sandra, she also has volunteered at Unity on the Bay in too many ways to even count including serving on the Board of Trustees as the Board President. 

We are deeply grateful for their dedication to Unity on the Bay and for being models for us all on how to live spiritual principles in our everyday life. Congratulations Sandra and Alina for completing your journey of becoming LUTs. We love you. We appreciate you. And we see you doing great things!