Thank you to our Sacred Server Team for Feb. 2017

Many wonderful things are taking place in our Family Ministry, especially on Sundays. Our team of facilitators offer support, encouragement, and fun to all the children who attend our Sunday Children's Program. Our Facilitators are committed to sharing Unity Principles so that the children can know more fully their divine identity and what it means to be connected to all of humanity. Their Sacred Service is truly life changing - for themselves and those they serve.

Thank you Family Ministry Team! You are our Service Team of the Month.

Rev. Juan del Hierro promoted to Associate Minister

Rev. Chris announcing to the community on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017 that Rev. Juan del Hierro is now promoted from Assistant Minister to Associate Minister of Unity on the Bay.

On February 5, 2017 it was an honor and a pleasure to announce to our community that Rev. Juan del Hierro was being promoted from Assistant Minister to the role of Associate Minister at Unity on the Bay. Rev. Juan started working at Unity on the Bay when he was 24 years old and has held many staff roles along the way. We appreciate everything that he brings to our community in helping us further our mission and vision. Thank you Rev. Juan and congratulations! 

Congrats to our Sacred Server of the Month for Feb. 2017

Many note that one of the things they love about Unity on the Bay is the friendly, warm energy that welcomes them every Sunday. One of the first ways in which it is received is through our Ushers Team and, most especially, from one of our Usher Leaders, Isabela de la Luz. Her energy, smile and love of serving our community is why we recognize her as our Sacred Server of the Month for February.

Possible traffic delays on Sunday, January 29 due to Miami Marathon

Please plan ahead on January 29, 2017 if you are attending our Sunday Celebration Services at 9am and 11am. The Miami Marathon is taking place on the same day. While we don't expect the area around Unity to be affected, we do want you to be aware that there may be traffic in other areas. Please see the map above for affected areas. Also, we do live stream our 11am service on FACEBOOK ONLY. You can tune in at 11am Eastern Standard Time. 

If you would like more info on the Miami Marathon, CLICK HERE.

The Beautification Team - Our Sacred Service Team of Dec. 2016

Our Beautification Team helps Unity on the Bay's inner beauty become expressed on the outside. They worked tirelessly to make sure we looked out best for our Christmas Season and we want to thank them. Under our Cooordinator, Dan Canavan, the team truly brought the spirit of Christmas into our hearts through joy and service. Thank you Beautification Team, our Sacred Service Team of the Month for December.

Farewell to our beloved Rev. Elizabeth Longo

Dear Friend of Unity on the Bay,

In its ninety-year history, Unity on the Bay has been grateful to serve as a conduit through which the worldwide Unity movement has been blessed by outstanding, credentialed leadership.  Year after year, we have supported dedicated individuals in becoming Licensed Unity Teachers and, in many cases, ordained Unity Ministers.

Especially in South Florida, many Unity communities are led and influenced by leaders who once served at Unity on the Bay.  It is an honor and joy to be able to support the Unity movement in this way.

During the month of December, we are going to make one of our greatest contributions yet. Rev. Elizabeth Longo has accepted the invitation to become the Senior Minister of Unity Church of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Her service there will begin this Christmas season.  We love and congratulate Rev. Elizabeth on this well-deserved milestone in her ministerial career.  
Next Sunday, December 11, Rev. Elizabeth will speak at both the 9 and 11 a.m. services.  These will be her last two talks delivered as Associate Minister of Unity on the Bay.

Rev. Elizabeth has been a member of the staff at Unity on the Bay for nearly 13 years.  For the past 8 years she has served as Associate Minister.  Rev. Elizabeth has wound her way around each of our hearts with her humorous, light-hearted, inspiring and powerful Sunday messages and she has poured a heart of love into each of our lives through her compassionate, pastoral presence.

You are invited to join your spiritual community in celebrating the light and love of Rev. Elizabeth following the 11 a.m. service on Sunday, December 11.  Join us for food, fellowship and celebration in the Courtyard.

We want to assure you that the staff and Board of Trustees stand confidently with you as we move through this time of change with grace, peace and poise.  We are blessed with strong leadership that is mutually loving and respectful of one another and our community.  If you need personal spiritual support from a minister during this time of transition, please let us know. Unity on the Bay is here for you.

Please join us in holding Rev. Elizabeth, our staff and Board, and all who are served by Unity on the Bay in prayer.  Rev. Elizabeth, we love you, we bless you, we behold the Christ in you, and we see you doing great things! 

In unity, 

Chris Jackson, Senior Minister
Eddie Dominguez, President

Haymara Font - Our Sacred Server of the Month for Dec. 2016

The Love Gala was truly a gift of love for our spiritual community. It happened because of the support of many, including the many Sacred Servers that worked for months to make it a success. We want to honor one person in particular - not only because of the time and expertise she provided as part of the Gala Committee, but also because of her great personality and loving energy. Our Sacred Server of the Month for December is Haymara Font.

Thank you Haymara for truly embodying what it means to be in sacred service at Unity on the Bay. We know the love and responsibility you feel for your spiritual community and we are inspired by it!

Sacred Service Team of the Month for November

We want to take a moment and thank the amazing people who make up our Gala Committee. The Gala Committee worked tirelessly for months to support one of Unity on the Bay's most fun nights of the year. Through their love and support, Unity on the Bay held it's 8th Annual Gala and created an unforgettable experience for our community. Thank you to all those who made it possible!

Gala Committee Members: Haymara Font, Marcelo Rivero, Steve McCoy, Bill Warren, Larry Hughes, and Fay Tatiana.

The Love Gala 2016 Committee

Together you gave over $36K on Give Miami Day. Thank you!

For the 3rd year in a row, The Miami Foundation has blessed non-profits in the Miami area with Give Miami Day. This year on November 17, for 24-hours The Miami Foundation matched a percentage of your donations to Unity on the Bay. You heard the call and in just one day our community gave $36,929 to support the positive work that Unity on the Bay has been doing for almost 90 years. With overwhelming joy and gratitude, we say THANK YOU to the 135 people who gave on Give Miami Day. 

*Thank you to...

  • Aaron Moore 

  • Abe Wainer  

  • Achilles Ballestas  

  • Alex and Mandy Marchant  

  • Alex Lam  

  • Amy Baez  

  • Ana Besu  

  • Ana Corrales  

  • Ana Raney  

  • Ana Santos in memory of Maria Vargas

  • Andy Melick  

  • Angela Khalil  

  • Angela Ribero  

  • Anibal Hermosilla  

  • Ann Hoffman  

  • anonymous anonymous  

  • Anthony Alvarez  

  • Arlene Luis  

  • Barbara Garcia  

  • Bashir Osman  

  • Bill Gorman  

  • Bob and Daenira Meyer  

  • Brenda Westhorp  

  • Carla Strannigan  

  • Carlos Diaz  

  • Carmelle Colson  

  • Carmelo Giugno  

  • Carmen Navedo Cordova in memory of Margarita Rivera

  • Cheryl Deknatel  

  • Christina Robinson  

  • Christine Ulloa  

  • Christopher Jackson  

  • Cindy Binder  

  • Claudia Forero  

  • Claudia Llerandi  

  • Dale Stine  

  • Dennis Carman  

  • Donald GRAHAM  

  • Donald Inniss  

  • Dorothy DAVIS in memory of ANTIONETTE DAVIS

  • Douglas Barra  

  • Eddie Dominguez  

  • Elizabeth Longo  

  • Elizabeth Regalado  

  • Emilia Diaz-Padron  

  • Francisco Perez  

  • Francisco Seyler  

  • Francisco Zayas in honor of All the children with terminal disease

  • Frank Ferrara  

  • Hal Martin  

  • Heather Waldron  

  • Helen Viviand  

  • Isabelle Camille  

  • Ismary Musa  

  • James Bay  

  • Jason Weeks  

  • Jawara Dia Cooley  

  • Jerome Williams  

  • Jerry Bell  

  • Jessica Camargo  

  • John Irvin  

  • John Ruark  

  • Jose Arevalo  

  • Juan and Hiram Acosta Colas  

  • Juan del Hierro  

  • Juan Keledjian  

  • Kareen Besson  

  • Karen Martinez  

  • Karen Mobilia  

  • Keith Webster  

  • Kelli Brockmeyer  

  • Kevin Moran in honor of Aaron Powell

  • Kevin O'Brien  

  • Laura Thezine  

  • Laurina Anderson in memory of Willis Taylor

  • Leslie Rosen  

  • Linda Eads  

  • Lisa Ghai in honor of Juan Del Hierro

  • Luis Zuluaga  

  • Lynette Richardson in memory of Mattie Richardson

  • Lynn Montero in memory of Ned & Dorothy Shelby

  • Maggie Reyes  

  • Mandy Giust  

  • Margarita Rey  

  • Maria Caraballo  

  • Marina Tavarez  

  • Mark Butler  

  • Mary McKenry  

  • MaryAnne Lukacs  

  • Melanie Hardegree in honor of pastor Chris

  • Melba Rodriguez  

  • Mercedes Palomo  

  • Michelle Barrial in memory of Ramsay Navarette and Connie Barrial

  • Moshe Heyn  

  • Nelly Ayala-Ramos  

  • Noemi aleman  

  • Nubia Tosco  

  • Oliver Dissman  

  • Pamela Mitchell  

  • Peter Newman  

  • Pilar Herreros  

  • Raeford Melton  

  • Raul Hernandez  

  • Renee Schafer in honor of Minister & Staff

  • Rick Moss referred by Unity on the Bay

  • Robbie Bell  

  • Robert Knight in honor of Stormy Knight

  • Rodannie Zapata  

  • Ronald Urbaez  

  • Rosemary Romero  

  • Russell Gilbert  

  • Ruth Palmieri  

  • Sabrina and Matthew Grosack  

  • Sandra Tagle  

  • Shante Haymore  

  • Silvia Rojas  

  • Skarley Guerrero  

  • Stacey Kress  

  • Stefanny Suarez  

  • Stephanie van Vark  

  • Stephany Gonzalez  

  • Stephen McCoy  

  • Talita Pinhero  

  • Tony Moss  

  • Traci Winn  

  • Trudy Freeman  

  • Victoria Krall in honor of Peggy Goodman

  • Vivian Rosado  

  • Wendy Hayward  

  • William Cameron  

  • William Lai  

  • William Walker referred by 

  • William Warren  

  • Yolanda Arnavat-Parga  

  • Yvonne Fedorsha in memory of Felipe Cruet

* Note that some individuals who gave chose to give anonymously. 

Sacred Server of the Month of November - Leslie Rosen

Those who know our Sacred Server of the Month would describe her as a warm, full of gratitude, willing and beautifully present person of integrity. We are excited to recognize our Bookstore Team Coordinator, Leslie Rosen, as our Sacred Server of the Month.

Leslie has really committed herself to the Source Bookstore. Not only has she been serving as a volunteer for the past two years, she has become an integral part of the Bookstore Team and serves in many ways. With her support and love, we are doing some great things in the Bookstore and we could not be more happy for her participation.;

Thank you Leslie for all that you do and all that you are!

How Unity on the Bay gave back in September...

Thanks to your tithes and offerings in September, Unity on the Bay was able to tithe outside our walls. Here's the breakdown of how we tithed 15% outside our walls. 

Unity Worldwide Ministries $808.64
Southeast Unity Region $449.24
Unity Village $649.24
Unity Gold Coast Ministries $89.85
Our Feeding People in Transition Program $2,656.77
Congregational Financial Assistance $200.53
Community Outreach (Prosperity Program) $439.85


What does it mean to be spiritual?

What does it mean to be spiritual?  It means to be who you are.  In order to be who you are, you have to know who you are.  This is where the journey of spiritual awakening begins – discovering the truth of your identity.

Most of us have assumed a false identity.  From our earliest recollection, we were given ideas about ourselves from others and we took them as truth.  At the core of many of these ideas was the assumption that there was something inherently and deeply wrong with us.  We were told that we were incomplete, incompetent, insufficient, unable, undeserving, unworthy and generally miserable.  From the standpoint of our spiritual nature, none of this is true.  Yet we were given these labels nonetheless, and we believed them.  Because the ideas that we believe in make up our experience of life, our lives -- for the most part -- have been challenging.

Our spiritual identity contradicts all of these labels by affirming that we are divine elegance and exquisite in nature.  We are whole and complete just as we are – peaceful, loving, joyous and abundant. 

Our lives become experiences, then, in recognizing what ideas we are holding about ourselves and ensuring that those ideas are in alignment with spiritual reality.  We recognize when we are holding onto false labels and we are willing to exchange them for spiritual truth.

As we align our identity with spiritual reality, our life experience begins to reflect that reality.

Regardless of our human experience, nothing can negate the divine perfection in which we were created.  Simply because we believed false ideas about ourselves does not mean that those ideas are true or that they have lasting influence.

You cannot not be spiritual – regardless of what you believe about yourself.  The very grace of God ensures your identity into eternity, and the expression of our spiritual brilliance is an inevitable, ultimate outcome.

Rev. Chris Jackson
Senior Minister
Unity on the Bay

Sacred Service Team of the Month for October 2016

Every month, along with acknowledging a Sacred Server, we also acknowledge the service commitment of a particular team here at Unity on the Bay. This month we want to say thank you to the Sacred Service Council. 

The Sacred Service Council is the support behind the support. They are committed to serving Unity on the Bay and making volunteering in our spiritual community a really great experience. They help coordinate all of our service programs, organize our recognition events and model what it means to be of Sacred Service.

We give thanks that we can recognize them as our Sacred Service Team of the Month for October!

Sacred Server of the Month for October 2016

Every month we acknowledge a person who has shown a commitment to service at Unity on the Bay. For the month of October 2016 will acknowledge Lucille Acocella. 

Lucille Acocella not only has that great bright red hair, she's got one of the brightest smiles you will ever see. And she lovingly smiles as she serves in the Angels Everywhere Team. Not only has she been serving for many years, she does it with a great attitude. During our Backpack Drive, she helped organize some of our partners and was here all day during our backpack stuffing day. She was even here moving some boxes the day before trying to prepare it all.

For this, we are so grateful to recognize her as our Sacred Server of the Month for October.

A Checklist for Action

A Checklist for Action

Some people hold an image of the spiritually-devoted individual as one who becomes reclusive, removing himself from society while meditating on a distant mountain top.   

While Unity students certainly value the spiritual significance of solitude, stillness and silence, we also to embody a very practical, action-oriented way of life.  We believe that actions inspired by inner guidance and rooted in spiritual principle are highly effective and efficient as a means of supporting personal and global awakening.

It’s very important to check in with ourselves before taking action.  All too often our actions are actually reactions, meaning that they are knee jerk, ego-based responses based on defensiveness, fear, anger or self-preservation. 

As we continue our study of Rev. Ellen Debenport’s book, “The Five Principles,” we discover a helpful list of questions we can ask ourselves to ensure that our actions in life are coming from a place of spiritual clarity and power.

When deciding how or if to take action in any situation, begin by taking a deep breath and calling upon the infinite intelligence within you.  Now ask these questions of yourself:

  1. Do I affirm divine intelligence and love in this situation?
  2. Do I remember my own divinity and that of others involved?
  3. Do I take responsibility for attracting this situation into my experience and know that its outcome for me will match my thoughts and feelings about it?
  4. Have I aligned myself with God, the universe, the Good, and received guidance before I act?

When we take the time to ensure that our actions are born of spiritual discernment, we never need to worry about the results that will follow.  We may also find our actions become far more powerful and impactful.  When we know an action is right for us, unparalleled levels of certainty and strength may rush through us.  We know that we are doing what we must do, regardless of the opinions or reactions of others. Get into the healthy habit of always pausing before taking action in your life. 

Remember that you have the resource of divine intelligence available to you always. 

Rev. Chris Jackson
Unity on the Bay Senior Minister

Laura Thezine receives 2016 Exemplary Life of Service Award

Laura Thezine

Unity on the Bay is overjoyed to present Laura Thezine with this year's "Exemplary Life of Service Award". Every year we present this award to a Sacred Server in our community who is has made a visible and felt path in service of at least five years, and is an example of authenticity, integrity, and respect, among many other characteristics. 

Laura celebrated 20 years as a congregant this year. She serves with love, dedication and such gratitude to the people who make up Unity on the Bay. She became a member in 1998 and was already serving in various ways. In 1999 and 2000 she actually worked for Unity on the Bay as our Accountant and she credits her employment at Unity on the Bay for giving her a new vision for her life and work. She has served as a Family Ministry Facilitator for 3 years, a Prayer Chaplain for 7 years and counting. She has served on the Board of Trustees twice. Once as the Board President, and currently as a board member. 

We can't thank Laura enough for her service to this community. 

Listen to Rev. Chris present the award to Laura at our September 18, 2016 Sunday Celebration Service: