I worked the keys, and they work.

Rev. Juan del Hierro

Rev. Juan del Hierro

I worked the keys, and the keys worked.

I owe the blessings that currently make up my life to the transformative power of Unity’s philosophy, especially as I learned them my first year at Unity on the Bay through the prosperity courses. When I first came to Unity on the Bay in 2002, I decided that I wanted to experience more abundance in my life. In many ways my life was a struggle back then and I wanted to release what was holding me back from living the life I felt I was meant to live.

Through my first Keys to the Kingdom class over 10 years ago, my understanding of what it meant to be abundant expanded. Abundance is more than the amount of money we have. Money is simply a symbol for the energy of abundance. So is laughter, healthy body, deep relationships and so much more.

One of my favorite things about the Keys to the Kingdom class is the simple and fun exercises we were asked to do. In “Key Four: Making Room for the New,” we were invited to look at ways to create vacuums for more of what we wanted to enter our lives. At the time I really wanted to find the love of my life. This is what I did:

  • I noticed I was speaking on the phone a lot with my friends. I thought, “if I want a husband to talk to about my day, call when a challenge arises at work, share some of my memories with, maybe I need to create time in my day for those would be coversations.” So I stopped being on the phone as much.
  • I noticed I had a lot of stuffed animals (no laughing!) and decorative pillows on my bed. If I wanted an intimate relationship to wake up to, I figured I needed to make room for him in my bed. I put all of my stuffed animals and some of my pillows in my closet.

Wouldn’t you know that by the end of the Keys to the Kingdom class, I had found a boyfriend and was on my way to a very deep and beautiful intimate relationship.

In total, Rev. Chris, Elizabeth and I will be exploring the 7 Keys to the Kingdom.  Each one is a deep look at abundance in our lives and we have wonderful exercises to make them more than just theories. 

And so it was through these fun and thought provoking exercises that I began to see the very concrete ways my life was more fully aligning to my heart’s desires. Isn’t it time your life started to do the same?

Register here so that we can have fun together in The Keys to the Kingdom that starts Tuesday, April 12. 

written by Rev. Juan del Hierro