The Ten Commandments Hike

On Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016, I was blessed with speaking in front of over 100 Boys Scouts and their leaders during their 10 Commandment Hike. It was the second year they had invited me to speak to them. What a true gift it was, on many levels.

Ministry, and our work as people of faith, is to remind ourselves of our connection to Spirit and to each other. It is sometimes not an easy task. Due to my past uneasiness with the Boys Scouts of America and some of their policies, my initial instinct was to question how I would be received as an openly gay minister from a very unique spiritual community, especially since I was being invited to speak on how Unity sees a specific commandment.

This year’s hike was through Key Biscayne and I the invitation was to speak on the first commandment: “Thou shall have no gods before me.” I was to speak right in front of the Key Biscayne Lighthouse.

And so almost 100 Boys Scots and their leaders heard me speak about God as our Lighthouse. How when we put God first in our lives, we find direction and guidance. I was even able to lead them through a short meditation. They were invited to become still and think of a challenge or issue they may be facing in their home or school life. Then, using the Golden Key, I invited them to think of a word for God – love, peace, joy, gratitude, etc. Once we closed the meditation, we discussed how each of us felt when we brought up the challenge in our minds and how the energy shifted for us when we remembered God as our Lighthouse. It was really a beautiful experience.

We ended our time together when the Boys Scouts Leader, Jason Bacon, presented me with my honorary Boys Scout badge. And although I was extremely honored to have received my first ever badge, the main gift I received was recognizing that making connections and forming bridges between Unity on the Bay and other people who may not be as familiar with us, always brings about a transformation – whether it was in me, in them or in both.

Rev. Juan del Hierro