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with Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister


Mystical Minds is basically a book study gathering coupled with food brought to share by the participants pot-luck style. The class is guided by Rev. Chris but is designed to be an open forum to discuss a particular book. This is a very casual and friendly environment where you get to explore the opinions of other people reading the same book as you as well as share your own experience. This has become one of our most popular classes.

This isn’t the type of class that you have to attend consecutively for you to learn. If you are just discovering Mystical Minds, stop in and you’ll be sure to learn something. Reading the book is helpful but don’t let it deter you from attending.


Ask and It is Given: Wisdom of Abraham (Mondays, Jan. 7 - Feb. 4)

The Mystical Minds experience continues with an exploration of the popular and remarkable teachings of Abraham-Hicks in the book "Ask and It Is Given." Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "The book...contains some of the most powerful teachings available to you on our planet today. I've been profoundly touched and influenced by the messages that Abraham offers here in this book, and through the tapes that Esther and Jerry (Hicks) have been providing over the past 18 years."

Learn the art of manifesting your desires so that you're living the joyous and rewarding life you deserve. You'll come to understand how your relationships, health issues, finances, career concerns, and more are influenced by the Universal laws that govern your time-space reality.



Rev. Chris  is a third-generation Unity student with a lifetime of service in the worldwide Unity movement.  He is former Executive Vice President of Unity‘s World Headquarters, where he served for twenty-six years until his retirement in 2001.  Chris has been a keynote speaker at Unity events throughout the United States and in Europe and Mexico.  His writings have been featured in Daily Word magazine and Unity Magazine and he is a contributing author to the book “New Thought for a New Millennium,” published by Unity House.  He is the former minister of Unity of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida, and currently serves as Senior Minister at Unity on the Bay in Miami, Florida.