An Exciting New Approach to Abundant Living
with Rev. Chris Jackson

Date: Every Monday starting July 11 (for 6 weeks)
Place: Unity on the Bay - Cameron House (see Campus Map)
Cost: This is a tithing course (what does this mean?)

Most of us realize that God is the source of our security, well-being, health and abundance.  We may not be aware that an awareness of God in all people and situations opens the way through which the infinite blessings of this source pour into our life.  

Join Rev. Chris Jackson in an exploration of new insights discovered in ancient, mystical teachings that will support you in recognizing the presence of God within you, allowing you to awaken to the wonder and beauty of life that is yours by divine birthright.  This discovery will enhance your peace of mind, harmonize your relationships, increase your sense of wholeness and vitality and bless your bank account.

Based on the book by Rev. Jim Rosemergy, this class will awaken you to the recognition that you have already been given all that you need to live life victoriously. 

Purchase the book at The Source Bookstore and Gifts and read chapters 1-3 before the first meeting. Light food and beverages will be offered at the first class with a pot-luck meal thereafter.