Jonathan Hermida, Ambassador

Name: Jonathan Hermida
Occupation: Life Coach and Entrepreneur
First attended Unity On The Bay: 2014
How’d you get connected to Unity and what keeps you involved?
I discovered Unity after returning back to Miami (my hometown) from South Korea, where I lived for two years. I’m a student of A Course in Miracles and I was looking for a study group at the time. I found a class at Unity and then found out about all the offerings that were available. From there I discovered Mystical Minds where i met Reverend Chris Jackson whom I was extremely impressed by. This sparked my curiosity so I then attended a Sunday service. I haven’t looked back since. I absolutely love the people at Unity, the sense of community and the overall principles and belief systems which are in direct alignment with my own. With Unity, I feel like I found an oasis in the middle of a dessert.

When do you feel a sense of peace and the most fulfilled?
I feel most at peace and fulfilled when I’m engaged in deep and meaningful conversations that cut through the core of life and get us closer to the truth of who we are and what we’re here to do. Sometimes these conversations happen in the quiet of my meditation space, when I’m deeply connected with God and sometimes they happen in dialogue with others. 

What’s your favorite book to recommend to others?
This might be the toughest question here. So many to name. The ones I find myself going back to over and over again are “The Power of Now” by Eckart Tolle, “The Untethered Soul,” by Michael Singer and “Awareness” by Anthony de Mello. By incredible coincidence (or maybe not?) these are the same books we’ve gone through in the Mystical Minds class, which is my favorite offering at Unity. 

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?
This question depends on my mood. I wish I could just apparate (Harry Potter anyone?) anywhere I wanted. Europe is always an attractive choice. I’ve never been to Paris so I would love to spend some time there.  But if I really had to choose I would love to spend a week in the mountains somewhere incredible-  maybe Switzerland or somewhere in Asia or South America. 

What superhero best describes you?
Batman. He’s one of the few superheroes with no super powers, yet still has an ingrained desire and commitment to serve and protect those in need.