Take back your presence and power with 8 powerful “quits”.  Explore vitalization and renewed purpose for your life through quitting some of the old patterned ways that keep you stuck. You know the quits we are talking about…

1) Quit Being Afraid of What Others Think: Anchor your wholeness, value and worth in the love of Creator. Quit relying on the approval and acknowledgment of others for your sense of self worth, value and power. Who do you rely on for a sense of self and why? What are consequences?

2) Quit Lying/Pretending: Live truly free to unrelenting honesty with yourself and others. Quit pretending everything is fine, when it is not and change your life. What causes you to pretend life is fine? What are you afraid of speaking/sharing?

3) Quit Dying to the Wrong Things: Receive the many gifts life has provided for you that nurture and delight your spirit. Quit dying to those things that bring you life.

And that is just 3 of the 8. Your time in this online class with Martha Creek will be well worth the power you regain in your life.


September 15, 2019 | 1:30pm
Location: Temple Israel, 137 NE 19th St, Miami, FL 33132

Cost: This class is offered at an early bird special of $25 per person (plus Eventbrite fees) if purchased by September 8. After that, tickets are $35 per person (plus Eventbrite fees). Payment goes to support programs, outreach and facilitators. If you are experiencing financial hardship and can’t pay, please email Thank you for your support.


It only takes a few minutes with Martha to realize that she speaks from her heart to yours.  A humble and humorous public speaker, a student and teacher of life, an innovative leader, a servant-hearted team builder, Martha is fair, conscious, practical, efficient, joyful, honest, generous, and as loving a soul as you will ever meet. Martha offers her teachings, her life experiences as well as her insights, not as advice, but as an option. She provides opportunities for her audience to experience the power of living from their own truth and realigning with their divine nature.

Martha lovingly and expertly meets people where they are… meaning she is able to stay connected with her client and maintain herself as she allows those she works with to find their own answers and truth.  Martha creates an environment of openness, honesty, and trust, which allows others to break through their discomfort, grief, anger, illness, despair, frustration, or fear. This is extremely powerful and effective in opening minds and hearts for awakening to more expansive, innovative, creative energies. Literally, a new way of being.

You can learn more about Martha at