with Dr. Kirby Hotchner

2nd Saturday of Every Month
1 PM to 2 PM

Unity on the Bay
411 NE 21 Street, Miami, FL 33137

Room: Garden Room

Cost: We gratefully accept donations (suggested donation of $20 per person). There is no pre-registration. Just arrive with an open mind. Your generosity goes to support Unity on the Bay's Mission & Vision. Thank you.


Spiritual healing is the transformation of the mind or consciousness to an awareness of truth of our true identity as God’s child. That we are and always have been exactly as God created us. It is the awakening of the part of the mind that is sleeping and dreaming of a self-hood apart from God, a liberation of all the errors and false perceptions about our self and our world that the mind is projecting and experiencing. There are certain principles that we teach and practice daily in meditation . But most of all it is the opening of our mind with one desire to experience only God’s presence.

Come and learn who you really are, why you are here, what healing really is, and to learn through the Holy Spirit how to extend that Healing and awakening to everyone. To share it with others is to realize it is in you.


Dr. Kirby Hotchner

Dr. Hotchner has been helping people for over 35 years, continuously learning and educating himself about the best healing methods in the world. He has had many teachers along the way the greatest being his patients. He is an ordained healing minister, reiki master, and certified in Quantum neurology. He offers a very unique range and combination of healing modalities that you will not likely find under one roof in too many places in the world. In his practice, he treats people of all ages with any condition always focusing on the whole person.

He graduated in 1976 from Washington University with a BA in Biology and then graduated with distinction with my DO degree from Des Moines University in 1981. He then served a 1 year internship in Saginaw Michigan followed by 1 year training in homeopathy in Chicago. He then spent 15 years as an associate professor at 2 different osteopathic medical schools. In 1998 he went into full time private practice in Miami which he has been doing ever since. He is married and has 2 children. For more information about his practice, please visit www.drhotchner.com