**ATTENTION: This class was originally set to start on Tuesday November 7 whoever it has been moved to a new start date of Tuesday November 14 and is now a 4 week class instead of 5 weeks. 


Facilitator: Rev. Juan del Hierro
Starting Tuesday November 14, 2017 (4 weeks ending Tuesday, December 5, 2017)
7 PM to 9 PM (Location: Chapel)

COST: This is a class where we will be invited into the practice of tithing. There is a workbook associated with this class which can be purchased in class for $50. 

Join us for the 4-week prosperity starter program: First Steps!  

First Step is an entry level course to the Unity Principles of abundance, and a roadmap of how to realize prosperity in your life.  Each week will cover a specific teaching on just how to manifest your birthright of health, loving relationships, work that feeds your soul and, of course, the money you need to thrive. 

First Steps is a fun, interactive course that includes a variety of exercises, videos, games, and readings that teaches about abundance in many different aspects of life.  The class is designed to facilitate a shift in consciousness and contains a series of assignments and readings to foster and facilitate that shift.   

Whether these in fact are your first steps into a life of abundance, or you want a refresher course, you will be grateful you joined this class.

So join us as we grow together in abundance!


  • Learn how to live a life beyond your dreams.
  • Plan for a vibrant future that doesn't include living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Raise your consciousness and wealth, health, and well-being will effortlessly manifest in your life.
  • Begin to be more than satisfied in all areas of your life, not just money. Career, family, friends and freedom of time are all impacted.


Rev. Juan is the Associate Minister of Unity on the Bay. He has participated and taught a wide range of prosperity courses at Unity on the Bay, and credits them with bringing a deeper level of abundance into his life. Through the sharing of his life experiences, his enthusiasm for prosperity consciousness and his ability to support others in making a practice out of spiritual laws, Rev. Juan commits to ensuring you feel abundant like never before.  


FREE to register however participates are invited to practice tithing during the duration of this class. Also, we highly recommend purchasing the workbook which accompanies this class. The workshop is available for purchase during this class at a cost of $50. Checks, cash and credit cards accepted. 

Please use the below form to register. 

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We understand the flows of life and personal circumstances. If you are experiencing financial hardship and still want to attend this workshop, please contact us at info@unityonthebay.org. Please indicate in your email which workshop/class you are contacting us about. Thank you.