Date: Third Saturday of every month (cancelled for September, Sept. 19)
Time: 9:00am to 11:00am
Place: Unity on the Bay

Unity on the Bay, in collaboration with "What Will it Take to End Hunger" is food distribution site for "Feeding South Florida". 

Many people in the Miami community are "food insecure" meaning they run out of money for food before the end of the month. Food is a basic right and need for everyone.

There are many farms that have fruits and vegetables that are considered unfit to be sold due to cosmetic issues. In the past these would have been discarded, now we can distribute them, for free, to people in need.

Now that Unity on the Bay is a distribution point for "Feeding South Florida", those in need can come get the food they need for FREE. Help us spread the word!

If you want to get involved, or if you have any questions, please contact Jody Johnson at jody@jodyannjohnson.com or 305-984-2414.