Featured Classes, Workshops and Events

Sat., April 19 at 1pm

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. It is a nine-pointed figure representing nine distinct strategies for relating to the self, others and the world. Each Enneagram type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving that originates in a deeper inner motivation or worldview.

Sun., April 30 at 1pm

Invest an afternoon with Rev. Chris Jackson in exploring the liberating value of learning how and why to identify and question the thoughts in your mind that create stress and suffering in your experience. Renown author and speaker Byron Katie has discovered a formula of four simple questions that, when posed to yourself during challenging moments, can set you free of self-inflicted assumptions and judgments. Based on the book, "Loving What Is," by Byron Katie. Light food and beverages will be provided for free as part of your registration.

Monday, May 1 at 7pm

Mystical Minds with Rev. Chris is one of our most popular classes here at Unity on the Bay. Participants enjoy coming together in a casual environment to discuss and explore the wisdom contained in a mystical-themed book chosen by Rev. Chris. This is also a pot-luck style class so participants are encouraged to bring food and drink.

Tools for Concious Alignment.jpg

Sunday, May 7 at 1pm

This interactive workshop will cover practical applicable processes including the 30 Day Process; Affirmations; Dream Checks; The Dream Journal; Focus Wheels; Gratitude Journaling; List of Positive Aspects; Meditation for Receptive Mode; The Nurturing Process; The Process of Pivoting; Rampages and Visualizations Techniques.

Sat., May 13 at 10am

Warrior Women is a one-day intensive workshop designed and delivered by relationship experts Dr. Denise Fournier and Dr. Olivia Schlapfer Colmer. The workshop is an exciting opportunity for women to connect with one another and explore the rich and textured experience of being a woman in our modern world.

Sat., May 20 at 10am

Isn't it time you go into the silence? In a world full of background noise and everthing trying to get your attention we decided it's time for a one-day retreat into silence and contemplation led by Rev. Chris Jackson.Come retreat from the chaos, confusion and clamor of daily living as together we commit this day to deepening our experience of meditation, prayer and conscious contact with the presence of God

Sun., May 28 at 1pm

We all need to feel loved. Men and women have an “emotional love tank” that makes us feel content, secure, and loved when it’s full. When it’s empty, when we feel totally unloved, it makes us feel threatened, angry, frustrated, and alone. The key question all of us face is: What makes us feel loved? We all communicate love primarily according to one of five love languages. The 5 Love Languages will help you identify your love language and show you just how important your love language is to how you feel within each of your relationships.