Dynamic Meditation
with Paula Dinaro

1st Saturday of the Every Month
11am to 12:30pm

Unity on the Bay - 411 NE 21 Street, Miami, FL 33137
(Room: Garden Room)

Cost: Suggestion donation of $20. Donations will be collected during class. You can make your donation via check, cash, or credit.

Dynamic Meditation is where music, body expression, and meditation are combined to reach higher states of consciousness, which improves not only physical health, but also mental and spiritual health.

This class is A SACRED SPACE where you will learn to listen with your inner ears, and draw attention to your own vibration.

Experience how physical and mental blockages can collapse thanks to the expansion of vibration and divinity in your cells and your body-mass. You will feel lighter, you will be happier, you will laugh more.

Corporal expression is a transformational force. This art affords us the opportunity to explore our emotions and materialize them through creative body movements.

It releases tension stored in the body. Many adults become inhibited and lose touch with this kind of art that allows us to connect our minds and bodies in meaningful ways.

Come and re-discover yourself, free the dancer in you! 


Paula Dinero

Paula is an Awakening Coach & Energy Healer, Publicist and TV producer. With more than 25 years in the study of the behavior of the psyche of man, and then taking it to the field of spirituality and metaphysics, Paula has been a sough after guide for spiritual awakening. Over the years, the power of healing was awakened in her hands, working with different energy healing techniques. Because of her passion for music, dance, and healing, she has created this workshop.