with Dr. Garland Landrith (from the popular movie "What the Bleep")

Sunday, November 11, 2018 (1pm - 4:30pm)
Monday, November 12, 2018 (6:30pm - 9:30pm)*
*if you are unable to attend Sunday, please arrive at 5:30pm on Monday

Unity on the Bay
411 NE 21 Street, Miami, FL 33137
Room: Garden Room

Cost: $49 for both days. $39 for Monday only. Your generosity goes to support Unity on the Bay's Mission & Vision and the faciliator of this class/workshop. We understand the ebbs and flows of life so if you are experiencing financial hardship and want to attend this workshop, please contact 

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This workshop is mainly for mainfesting and healing. Dr. Garland Landrith, whose research was cited in the movie "What the Bleep" and by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Neal Donald Walsch has been featured on numerous radio and TV shows and has taught over 30,000 people effective techniques on how to Manifest their Dreams by letting go of their intentions. 

This workshop is unique because it is oriented around using EFT/Tapping for positive purposes...including how to increase the "feel good" chemicals in your brain to get a job, or be in the Zone. Experience the power of combining Quantum Tapping, Heart Math , and Ho'oponopono as a means to restructure your subconsicous brain matrix. 

  • Learn to manifest your dreams and heal blocks in a unique way.

  • Reframe the negative thought patterns into positive ones.

  • Create a new brain matrix enabling abundance to flow freely.

  • Use the Quantum Love Flow as a way to heal and create miracles.

  • Transform your life into one that is trigger free.

  • Find and heal the subconscious core issues that hold you back.

Thank you Dr. Garland. Yes, indeed. I feel no trigger today when I think of the past. OMG! I feel awesome. So much more energy. I know I can manifest anything...You are a genius in your field. You have no idea how much gratitude I feel for your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— - Yoga Studio Owner in Oklahoma City


Dr. Garland Landrith - Unity on the Bay

As a child, Dr. Landrith had dreams that manifested in his waking life. He traveled to India and China and during this time he had a near-death experience. His techniques are so well thought of that he was invited to Fort Carson military base to train psychologists on how to help heal the soldiers returning from war. At Dallas Unity he taught over 800 peope and was able to reduce the crime rates by over 25% in the city of Dallas through his techniques. Through his help, thousands have found meaningful jobs, sold homes, started new carreers. Anything is possible through the techniques he has taught and perfected over decades.