Unity on the Bay

A positive path for spiritual living

Unity on the Bay is a diverse spiritual home that embraces and radiates unconditional love, acceptance, energy and healing.  At Unity, we believe that there is one power: God, the good, omnipotent, and that the awareness and connection with this power opens the manifest world to its highest and best good in every individual and the universe as a whole.  As this awareness becomes an intricate part of our lives, we begin to transform ourselves, our community and our world.

“Does Unity look for the second coming of Jesus Christ?"

Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister

Unity believes in all Christian doctrine – metaphysically interpreted.  Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity with his wife, Myrtle, believed that all characters and situations in the Bible are symbolic of our personal journey of spiritual awakening or remembrance.

From this perspective, the second coming represents the point at which we realize the union of our humanity (Jesus) with our divinity (the Christ).  This occurs as we release sin (the act of believing in false ideas about ourselves and life, i.e., lack, limitation and disease) and embrace salvation (the act of investing our faith in spiritually sound ideas of abundance, freedom and wholeness).  Since our thoughts and their resulting beliefs create our experience of reality, our life begins to change as we embody the divine.  

The second coming of Christ does not occur in an individual or situation outside of us.  It happens within our own consciousness when we realize that, like Jesus, we are divinity incarnate.

Rev. Elizabeth Longo, Associate Minister

According to Charles Fillmore, the second coming of Jesus is about incorporating the principles of Being into our soul and allow them to express.  In other words, the second coming is the embodiment of truth in our thinking, words, and deeds. It is living from our divine essence.

Jesus was the great example, not the exception. Unity views Jesus as our Way Shower, the one who manifested the Mind of God, and came to tell us that we too can do the same.

The second coming can take place in the twinkle of an eye. In an instant we can have the realization that what we have been searching for all our lives was always with us. The awakening of the Christ Consciousness is always here and now.

Rev. Juan del Hierro

Unity believes that the second coming of Jesus Christ is already here, in our midst. It is that divine awakening to our truth: that we are an individual expression of Christ Consciousness. Rather than looking for this second coming, in many ways, we are asked to embody it. What does it look like to be awakened to our own divinity? How would we respond to the world inside and outside of us from this understanding?
The life of Jesus Christ, with all stories and people in the Bible, represent our own evolution of consciousness. The second coming is our opportunity to jump to the next spiral of our own evolution. We move from seeking what is coming to a place of experiencing in consciousness we are going.