with Dr. Waldo Castro, MD, AyurC/P, FAAIM, NAMA Member

Date: June 18 2016
Times: 11:00am to 1:30pm
Place: Unity on the Bay - Chapel (see Campus Map)
Cost: $45 per person (click "add to cart" below to purchase. Once you pay, you'll receive an e-mail. Bring that e-mail with you to class as proof of purchase.)
Included in the cost: Free PDF copy of Dr. Waldo's book "Insight for Life: The Prosperity Revolution"

This class is part of a series on basic principles of Ayurveda. Daily routines are highly valued in eastern medicine, as they provide the foundations for wellness in Mind, Body, and Spirit. The daily routine in called Dinacharya in Sanskrit. There are basic steps to a daily routine, however ideally and as you become accustomed to this positive addition to your life, new aspects will be introduced to tailor Dinacharya to your individual needs based on your Dosha or constitutional type.

In this class you will learn the basic tenets of Ayurveda, what are the Doshas, the concepts of Prakruti and Vikruti and their importance for a healthy and well balanced life. You will obtain practical and valuable resources to implement a healthy daily routine that is right for you, your very own Dinacharya.

Additionally, those that wish to participate, will have the opportunity to obtain an Ayurvedic assessment with pulse analysis included in the admission cost for the Healing Day on the Bay event on June 25, 2016.


Dr. Waldo Castro

About Dr. Waldo Castro. A Physician, Ayurvedic Practitioner/Consultant, Ayurvedic Life Coach, and Integrative Wellness Advocate, as well as a Futurist and Independent Scholar in Social Sciences, Human Behavior and Social Advancement, he has helped others take charge of their life and attain balance, and self-realization through the empowerment derived from conscious intelligence, mindfulness and awareness, as the framework for knowledge and enlightenment. He is a published author, educator and professional speaker, also a Radio Personality on Straight Talk with Dr. Waldo THE VOICE OF THE PROSPERITY REVOLUTION©   a space for Integrative Wellness and Mindful Awareness.   Dr. Waldo co-founded TOGETHER WE CAN INITIATIVE (TWC INITITIVE) to promote THE PROSPERITY REVOLUTION© and collaborates on the advisory board of The CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE INSTITUTE, ONE WORD TOGETHER, ImUNEEK, as a board member in the Miami-Dade County Office of Community Advocacy Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board and as a board member of The Stephen Green School for International and Public Affairs Program in the Study of Spirituality at Florida International University-FIU as well as other community coalitions and NGOs. He collaborates with PESI/CMI in continuing education for CEUs in the health field, he is also a health and Integrative Wellness advocate and motivational speaker for Premiere Speakers Bureau.