Coordinator: Sibyl Adams

As a member of this team, you’ll enjoy the flow of giving and receiving as you help count the love offerings right after our Sunday services.  Schedules are available for the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services.

Together we also hold the following prayer, adapted from the work of the Rev. Dr. John Rankin, for Unity on the Bay:

The true income of Unity on the Bay is the inflowing of Spirit. It is, then, unencumbered and undiminished. Our income manifests in a pattern of steady growth in the love, faith and spiritual accomplishment among our members and friends.

All income is gratefully received and wisely distributed under the inspiration of the indwelling Christ.

We release thoughts of fear and personal judgement, and they have no influence on our financial strength and soundness.

This spiritual community never lacks faithful, enthusiastic and generous financial support for Spirit supports and supplies without interruption or intermission. Heaven’s bounty knock on our doors every day, and we invite it in!

So it is. Amen.

Our Team Purpose Statement
We are a team that consciously expands the prosperity of Unity on the Bay. We accurately record the offerings of our Spiritual Community and joyfully participate in the expansion of our conscious awareness of abundance.


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