Facilitator Portal

Welcome! Whether you are a current facilitator or are thinking you want to bring your class/event/workshop to Unity on the Bay, you are in the right place! Please read the below information entirely before submitting a proposal. Thank you!

Here is what you should know about having your class/event/workshop at Unity on the Bay.

  1. It is Unity on the Bay’s decision to accept or decline to host a workshop or class. We also reserve the right to reschedule or cancel a class/workshop at any time.
  2. Unity on the Bay will retain 60% of all revenue collected for your workshop/class. 40% will go to you in the form of a check an estimated 4 weeks after the completion of the class/workshop.
  3. You are required to complete a W-9 Tax Form before your check can be processed.
  4. A minimum of $80 per class/workshop is due to Unity on the Bay. For example, if a class/workshop produces $80 in revenue, all $80 is due to Unity on the Bay with nothing remaining to split. All revenue above $80 collected is split 60/40.
  5. Participates are required to register online for one-time workshops/classes. We recommend $30 per person. Unity will collect payment through our website. We recommend that the cost at the door be $5-$10 more than online registration.
  6. You are required to find at least one person to assist you during your workshop/class, mainly to handle collecting payment at the door and checking people off from the registration list provided. This helps you, the facilitator, be best prepared to serve your attendees.
  7. Unity on the Bay sometimes grants individuals experiencing financial hardship a discounted rate to attend classes/workshops or in exchange for volunteering time. If this occurs, we will let you know.
  8. You can collect names and emails for your personal use during the class/workshop.
  9. Unity on the Bay promotes your class/workshop on our online calendar, Facebook, Meetup.com, Monthly Printed Bulletins, Email Campaigns and at Sunday/Wednesday Services. Please note that promotion frequency and duration will vary depending on other class/workshops/events being promoted at the same time.
  10. You are strongly encouraged to promote your own class/workshop as well. Please share on your social media and email lists.  
  11. You may choice to partner with Unity on the Bay for paid Facebook/Instagram Marketing. This helps us increase exposure of your class/event throughout the Miami area. If you provide $25, we will match it. Your $25 will be deducted from your final payment. 
  12. Every teacher/facilitator is required to sign a Code of Ethics.

If you have read the above and want to continue with proposing a class/event/workshop, please use the button below. 

Here is a list of information you may want to collect before completing this form. After you complete the form, please send a high quality headshot to Jason at info@unityonthebay.org. The form cannot be saved and revisited. It must be fully completed before submitting.

  • Bio Information
  • Certifications / Degree Information
  • Benefits of taking this class/workshop/event

If you have been approved to be a facilitator, you must complete these two forms and return them to Unity on the Bay before the start of your class/event/workshop.

Room Information.

Here are pictures of available rooms just to give you an idea of space available. Click any image to enlarge it. Once your class/workshop/event is approved, we will select the room that best works based on our calendar. 



Cameron House

Prosperity Room

Upper Room