Unity on the Bay

A positive path for spiritual living

Unity on the Bay is a diverse spiritual home that embraces and radiates unconditional love, acceptance, energy and healing.  At Unity, we believe that there is one power: God, the good, omnipotent, and that the awareness and connection with this power opens the manifest world to its highest and best good in every individual and the universe as a whole.  As this awareness becomes an intricate part of our lives, we begin to transform ourselves, our community and our world.

“Can you have little money and be prosperous?

Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister

The answer to this question requires us to look at our personal definition of what it means to be truly prosperous.

Personally, I believe I have been prosperous all of my life, but it wasn’t always reflected in my bank account.  I remember the time when I could hardly afford diapers for my new born son, but being in his presence was and is one of the richest experiences of my life.  My early years of working at Unity’s world headquarters in Missouri never found me taking home a big paycheck, but I had the opportunity of working beside some of the greatest leaders, speakers and writers in our movement.  That was beyond a price tag.  When I left Unity Village to take a field ministry, my compensation was reduced to nearly a third of what I had been making, but the joy of leading a group of beautiful souls through the five years that followed was totally abundant.

I think that it’s important for each of us to decide what makes up a prosperous life.  Of course, we all need money on this plane of existence, but there is much more.  Prosperity includes peace of mind that can steer us faithfully through life trials and tribulations.  It means having physical and mental health and well-being.  It also shows up as happy, fulfilling relationships.  And, of course, it’s about having the financial resources we need to live an abundant life.

When we find ourselves short of funds, it’s important to pull back in our perspective and take a look at how prosperous we are in every arena of our lives.  Giving thanks for every confirmation in all aspects of living is one of the best ways to open doors of increased financial blessings

Rev. Elizabeth Longo, Associate Minister

Prosperity is much more than money.  True prosperity is the awareness of the abundance of life that is always present and available.  When one realizes that it is a loving, abundant Universe that provides for us exactly what we need then one can relax and allow the natural support and flow of life to come through in our lives.

Money is neither good nor bad. It is simply a means of exchange. Abundance is the realization that we live and move and have our being in a sea of infinite abundance. This substance is shaped by our thinking, our imagination, and our feeling tone.

If you would like to experience greater prosperity in your life you must be willing to release thoughts of lack and limitation.  Begin to “see” things right. Count your blessings.  Have an attitude of altitude. Recognize the splendor of every new dawn. Find beauty. Walk in nature. Laugh, play, and celebrate your life.

With a grateful heart begin the practice of generosity. Give that which you wish to receive.  It might be as simple as a smile to a stranger. Give someone an anonymous gift. Serve where there is a need. Your heart will naturally begin to open to the joy that is always present. And you will realize how prosperous you truly are.