“We give thanks that Unity on the Bay’s right and perfect future home is manifesting under the guidance of God.”

The Board of Trustees is happy to announce the acceptance of a Letter of Intention (LOI) from a major developer interested in purchasing our property.

In June 2015, the plan to sell the property received 90% approval at a membership meeting. The Board of Trustees has scheduled another membership meeting to submit for approval of the membership, the offer that was received.

The Membership Meeting has been scheduled at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 7, in the Sanctuary at Unity on the Bay.

Information-sharing sessions with questions and answers will be offered following the 9 and 11 a.m. Sunday May 29 in the Chapel.


Rev. Chris Jackson
Senior Minister

Eddie Dominguez
Board President

FEBRUARY 24, 2016

Plans moving toward the creation of Unity on the Bay’s new home continue to unfold, and we are happy to provide you with a brief update.

During the last quarter of 2015, in spite of a softening of the real estate market, the Board of Trustees received ongoing interest from multiple parties. Since early this year, the board has been in negotiations with two parties that presented the best initial offers. 

We have studied and responded to both and negotiations continue.

No decisions have been made and the Board of Trustees continues to work with Unity on the Bay’s real estate advisors and legal counsel as we consider what offer, if any, to present to the congregation at a future date. 

The Board has also met with representatives of three architectural firms who responded to our request for proposals to help us envision and design the right and future perfect home for Unity on the Bay. Once a decision has been reached regarding a firm, we’ll begin preliminary design work on our new facility that will engage our membership, Board, key Sacred Servers and staff.  

As we have mentioned before, considerations for a new site must coincide with the sale of the current property due to the constantly changing market of available locations.

As soon as we have more concrete information to convey, we will. Any decision regarding the disposition of our property and the future home of Unity on the Bay will require approval of the membership. 

And while this process has proceeded more slowly than envisioned we are moving forward in faith and are open to the unfoldment of God’s plan for our spiritual home. Please join us in affirming the will of God for the future of our beloved ministry by holding the following statement in prayer: “We give thanks that Unity on the Bay’s right and perfect future home is manifesting under the guidance of God.”


Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister
Eddie Dominguez, Board President

AUGUST 25, 2015

As plans continue toward the sale of our current property and the development of our new spiritual home, we encourage you to join us in holding this affirmative prayer in mind and heart:

“We give thanks that Unity on the Bay’s right and perfect
future home is manifesting under the guidance of God.”

Following the June 4 decision on the part of our membership to move forward with the sale of our property, the Board of Trustees has worked closely with our legal and real estate advisors in marketing the site and receiving offers.  Our real estate advisors expect to complete the marketing process by the end of October. 

Considerations for a new site must coincide with the sale of the current property due to the constantly changing market of available locations.

The Board has also received proposals from architects in an effort to begin the initial planning of our new facility.  Once the architect has been selected, they will work with the congregation to help develop plans based on Unity on the Bay’s Strategic Plan, Intention #4.

It is our intention to keep you informed as this time of transition unfolds, so you can expect periodic updates from us.

As we continue moving forward in faith, please join us in affirming the will of God for the future of our beloved ministry.

In unity,

Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister

Eddie Dominguez, President, Board of Trustees

JUNE 8, 2015

June 4, 2015, has become an auspicious date in the near 90-year history of Unity on the Bay.  

In a gathering of more than 120 members on that evening, a vast majority of those present voted to pursue the sale of our current site in Edgewater in favor of establishing a new, state-of-the-art home for our ministry at another location.

This represents a new era for our spiritual community, along with the possibility of providing more expansive service now and for decades to come.  Our new property will be large enough to accommodate the dreams established in our Strategic Plan developed nearly two years ago.  

There is great power in collective vision, and we are grateful for and proud of the spiritual maturity demonstrated by our members in arriving at this historic moment.

It was especially heartwarming to be blessed in the meeting by the presence of Rev. Bill Cameron and his wife, Dori, who shared their support of the plan.  The Camerons were pivotal in helping to maintain our current site during some challenging times.  We celebrate the many dedicated souls who, over the years, kept Unity on the Bay alive and thriving.

With due respect and appreciation for the countless hours invested in the property development project by our Board of Trustees, staff and devoted Sacred Servers, we are fully aware that our work has just begun.

Knowing the direction our membership desires to pursue, we are now charged with the responsibility of swiftly developing a plan to locate a suitable, new property and initiate renderings for the new structure.

The plan will also include a way to fund our transition from the current facility to our new home and build an endowment/reserve fund that will provide for our future financial well-being.

Once the plan is developed and a final offer is received from a prospective buyer, the Board of Trustees will return to the membership to propose final approval of our future campus so that we may move into the actual manifestation of our new home.

We are committed to continuing open and transparent communication with all of our members and friends and periodic updates and meetings will take place in the near future.

This will be a busy and exciting time in our community.  There will be many ways you can participate in building our future, and the most important contribution any of us can make is that of our spiritual support.  

We invite you to join us in holding Unity on the Bay in your times of prayer with the affirmation written for this new chapter in history:

“We give thanks that Unity on the Bay’s right and perfect future home is manifesting under the guidance of God.”

Dear friend, let us move forward in faith as the will of God for our beloved ministry becomes a living demonstration of the power and beauty of the Unity way of life.


Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister      

Eddie Dominguez, President, Board of Trustees

MAY 16, 2015

“Honoring our past, building our future!”

“We give thanks that Unity on the Bay’s right and perfect future home is manifesting under the guidance of God.”

God is blessing Unity on the Bay!

The Edgewater neighborhood, home to Unity on the Bay for more than fifty years, is experiencing an incredible revitalization.  As part of this change, Unity on the Bay has the miraculous opportunity to become a state-of-the-art spiritual, healing, cultural and community center providing for the needs of thousands of people.

It is time for a transformation. 

Built upon our foundation from the past, we have been gifted the opportunity to utilize funds from the sale of a portion of our current parking lot or the entire property to build a new edifice that would offer greater environmental friendliness, operational efficiency, and maximum performance options.  Our new home will meet not only the needs of our spiritual, educational and fellowship ministries, but also those of a cultural and community center that embraces the local neighborhood and beyond, potentially providing children’s education, theater and music, and gathering spaces for other local non-profit groups. 

We have the opportunity to become a destination of choice in the Unity movement for retreats as well as a premier center of community activity and action.

During the 1950’s, our predecessors in this ministry had the vision to create the home we call Unity on the Bay today.  How grateful are we for the hundreds who have preceded us in establishing and maintaining this beautiful property.  Now, as guardians of the future, we have the opportunity to ensure that the blessings we have enjoyed are available in even greater degree for generations to come. 

This is our sacred responsibility and our legacy.  Let us move forward in faith.

Unity on the Bay’s greatest assets are its people and its message.  We are also blessed with the asset of our property.  Through the years, its value has reflected the state of our local and national economy as well as the desirability of the neighborhood.

At the same time, the facility has aged and is in serious need of repairs, estimated at a cost of between $6 and $9 million dollars. It became clear during the strategic planning process started two years ago, that upgrading and improving our facilities to better serve our spiritual community needed to be a priority.

The last time redevelopment was considered was in 2005, during the last real estate market boom. At that time, Unity on the Bay began a study involving the manner in which we might maximize the value of our property in a way that would provide Unity on the Bay a modern, state-of-the-art facility for the future.  As plans were nearing completion, we experienced a change in our spiritual leadership and the virtual collapse of the real estate market.  Plans for a new facility on the same site ended and did not ensue again until the recent revival of the market.

Last year, the Board approved a “Request for Proposals” that was sent to selected developers.  A committee of congregants was formed to review these proposals and made a recommendation to the Board.  The committee recommended two options: (1) selling approximately 25,000 square feet of our land in exchange for either a cash amount or (2) the construction of a new facility on the remaining land and a significant cash payment – enough to cover the cost of a transition plan while the new facility is constructed and an endowment for the future of our ministry.  Under either scenario, Unity on the Bay could be blessed by a new facility and a parking garage.

At that time, the committee and the board favored the option of selling part of the site to generate the funds to undertake the modernization of the property as it was the safest option and sheltered Unity on the Bay from any risk in a potential downturn in the current real estate market.

After initial conversations with the two developers involved in the process, the board decided that if a sale of any property were to be undertaken it would be best to look at various options and include as many potential bidders as possible, not just the two parties that responded to the redevelopment RFP.

It is important to underscore the following:

  1. The Board of Trustees does not have the authority to make the final decision. The Board’s role is to investigate, research, and propose an option or options for the approval of the membership.
  2. During the last two years the board and members of the strategic planning committee, staff and developer selection committee have undertaken a lengthy vetting of various options and possibilities.
  3. We need to make a decision soon if we are to take advantage of the current real estate boom and rise in our property value as a vehicle to secure a modern, state-of-the-art facility to meet the needs of our community today and into the future.
  4. No agreement to sell or redevelop property can be undertaken without the approval of the membership at a meeting noticed as required by the bylaws.
  5. The Board is in favor of limiting the use of any proceeds from any sale or redevelopment agreement for the creation and/or refurbishment of our spiritual home as envisioned by the congregation and detailed in our strategic planning process; the creation of a Unity on the Bay Foundation/Endowment, and any transitional needs of our spiritual community during any construction/redevelopment. 

The board has retained legal counsel and hired a top-tier brokerage firm that have experience handling large property sales. The brokerage analyzed the property and presented the board with various scenarios.

All of the scenarios were shared at a Town Hall meeting on November 20, 2014.  Enthusiasm was expressed for two options in particular: the sale of a piece of the property or the entire property (requiring relocation to another property in the same area). Both options could generate a substantial amount of money that could be used to create Unity on the Bay’s new home and potentially leave millions of dollars in reserve.  The Board of Trustees intends to present both options to the membership for a vote.

Following the input from the congregation at the town hall meeting and discussion with other active members and leaders, the Board has begun to do some preliminary due diligence around those options.

Developers also continue to express interest in a redevelopment of the property jointly with Unity on the Bay.

The board anticipates proposing options to the membership at a membership meeting in June. This meeting will be officially announced as per the requirements of our bylaws.

The experts consulted by the board have advised Unity on the Bay to seek approval from the membership first before entering into negotiations. This will strengthen Unity on the Bay’s negotiating position rather than having to enter into an agreement subject to approval of the membership. The membership will be provided with accurate, legally-sound information from which to make a decision. We will continue to keep you posted as the process moves along.

Any scenario proposed would provide the funding for the development of a facility that fulfills the vision set out by the congregation throughout more than one year of planning. This vision includes the creation of a fellowship hall, expanded retail space and a coffee shop, educational space, additional parking and much more.     

The possibility of a structure that would better serve the needs of our spiritual community now and in the future is exciting.  We are confident that the Board of Trustees and the membership will together discern God’s will for the future of our beloved ministry, and that spirit is acting through us to create the perfect home for Unity on the Bay.

You are invited and encouraged to hold the future of Unity on the Bay in your prayers, with gratitude for the vision of those who first purchased our land, and all those who have secured it throughout the years.

If you have questions or comments regarding this project, please direct them to:  Additionally, Board members will be staffing an information table located in the Chapel at the west end of the Sanctuary foyer on Sundays, May 17, 24 and 31. 

Yours in faith,

The Unity on the Bay Board of Trustees

 Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister

 Eddie Dominguez, President

 John Irvin, Vice President

 Mary McKenry, Treasurer

 Tony Aviles, Secretary

 Achilles Ballestas, Trustee

 Deborah Angiolina Billings, Trustee

Jonathan Lombard, Former Trustee

Aaron Moore, Former Trustee

Sandra Tagle, Trustee

Laura Thezine, Trustee