Coordinator: Hector Martinez
Staff Contact: Juan del Hierro

Through a partnership with this national organization, we offer you the chance to mentor a boy or girl in our local community and to share your love with a child in need. 

For over 50 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami has been securing our future by matching at-risk kids with committed mentors who invest their perspective and time to awaken each child to new possibilities – making Miami a more incredible place for incredible kids to grow up.

However, their waiting list includes 1,000 kids from Miami's neediest neighborhoods. 60% of those are boys in need of a Big Brother.

The Impact of Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring (from the BBBS website):

After more than 50 years in Miami, we’ve seen that the Big Brothers Big Sisters approach to 1:1 mentoring works. It changes the lives of the Littles being mentored, as well as the life of the Big developing a relationship with his or her little. We’ve seen underperforming students transform to valedictorians, lack of direction transform to purpose, and hopelessness turn into possibility.

Research from the 2014-2015 academic year demonstrate the tangible impact of the Big Brothers Big Sisters approach to mentoring – and can offer a sense for the “return” on your investment of time or financial resources.

  • 87.29% of students improved or maintained academic performance
  • 76.27% of students improved or maintained school attendance
  • 94.41% of students showed improvement in behavioral evaluation
  • 99.66% of students were promoted to the next grade level

And of course, there’s also the immeasurable, intangible but invaluable emotional impact of the program on its participants.

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