with Rev. Juan del Hierro, Associate Minister


Absolute Abundance Advanced is a 7-week Masters-level course for those abundance students who want to go to the next level of feeling prosperous. In this interactive and experiential class, we will dive back into prosperity principles and build our spiritual toolbox to break through any glass ceilings that we have created in our lives.

This is an expanded look at how to incorporate a new understanding of how to achieve success in your Career, Relationships, Health, and Finances. Join us to discover new ways to increase your abundance!

IMPORTANT: You will need to purchase the Absolute Abundance Workbook from The Source Bookstore & Gifts (at Unity on the Bay) prior to attending this class. The workbook is $45.


  • It is not plug-and-play like many other courses.

  • It is personal, participant-based courses that draw out the innate wisdom in each person.

  • It is creative in that it targets all learning modalities - not just lecture-based learning.

  • Rather than sitting in a classroom and watching a video, participants are called upon to interact with one another, facilitating a powerful shift in consciousness.

  • The workbook is filled with diverse stories, and we discuss the aspects of Abundance in its many forms: Health, Relationships, Career, and, of course, Finances.

  • Through a holistic examination of parallel and complimentary teachings from many sources, Absolute Abundance incorporates psychology, social science, and business writings with a diverse mix of 21st century spiritual teachers, in addition to our New Thought Founders.


The course helped set the stage and foundation toward my life’s vision, but it also helped me gain more clarity and meaning. This class helped to redefine my perception and relationship to money, greatness, happiness, and success. The course provides a profound, open dialogue about one’s interpretation of abundance and prosperity, strengthens a bond and support with others who are exploring the same, and is done in an engaging and enlightening way. Do yourself a favor, enroll today!
— Richard Marshall
I started Absolute Abundance in a sling, recovering from a surgery in my arm and looking very much to gain momentum in all my areas - physical healing, work, love, social. The class was a great way of staying connected to the mission of prosperity in a deep and powerful way. After a few weeks, my sling was off and by the time it was done, I was moving much more freely and intentioned. This class is a great way to rev things up!
— William
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Rev. Juan del Hierro serves as Assistant Minister at Unity on the Bay, one of the largest progressive spiritual communities in Florida. He believes we have a sacred opportunity and a sacred responsibility to involve ourselves in social justice issues in order to more fully create a world that works for all. Rev. Juan's own callings is that of sacred activism. He has made Unity on the Bay one of the most well regarded progressive spiritual communities in Florida, involving it in issues such as homelessness, child poverty, civic engagement and equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Rev. Juan has served on the Board of SAVE, the largest local LGBTQ rights organization; is past-Chair of Faith in the City, a coalition of Downtown Miami and surrounding area spiritual communities; and is currently the Chair of the LGBTQ Task Team for the Unity Worldwide Ministries, looking at ways to support the Unity Movement in becoming stronger advocates for equality. He and his husband, Tom, along with their 3 year old son, Lucas, were part of the lawsuit that brought marriage equality to Florida in January of 2015.